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Case Study: Cascade County Treatment Courts Address Alcohol Offenses and Help Rebuild Lives

With nearly 105 participants at any given time, Cascade County’s drug treatment courts are the largest in Montana. Each has available to them SCRAM Systems’ alcohol and location monitoring technologies—SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® (SCRAM CAM®), SCRAM Remote Breath®, and SCRAM GPS®—to ensure cooperation and true behavior change throughout the offender’s rehabilitative process.

Can You Find Me Now? SCRAM GPS Offers Options in Cellular Networks

Depending on where your location monitoring program and clients are located, one mobile network provider may offer superior coverage over another. And better coverage not only reduces the potential for location failure alerts but can also improve the battery life of a GPS device.

SCRAM GPS Video: Better Tools, Better Job

Better matters when you’re supervising high-risk clients. That’s why SCRAM Systems focuses on developing better monitoring solutions, providing better customer support, and offering better training. SCRAM GPS continues this focus on excellence with features like on-demand Pursuit Mode, guess-free tamper technology, and the industry’s best battery life.

Case Study: Wisconsin County Garners Success with SCRAM GPS

Brown County, Wisconsin, added SCRAM GPS into their work release program in July 2015. Now, more than 100 offenders are monitored each day with SCRAM GPS.

SCRAM Systems Technologies Available Through GSA

GSA is the largest cooperative purchasing vehicle in the United States. SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring, Remote Breath, House Arrest, and GPS are now available through GSA.

Case Study: DOC Drives Client Accountability and Public Safety With SCRAM GPS

Electronic monitoring agencies around the country are finding out why the better software, better battery life, and better analytics of SCRAM GPS® truly matter when managing offenders on GPS.