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PAS Systems International
Passive Alcohol Sensor Systems

Passive Alcohol Testing

PAS Systems International provides various alcohol and drug testing products for courts, community corrections, and law enforcement. PAS focuses on innovative technology that makes drug and alcohol screening easy and affordable.

Explore the PAS International Product Suite

With a range of alcohol testing, passive alcohol sensors, drug screening, and more, PAS Systems International offers a wide range of testing options for community corrections and law enforcement.

Alcohol Detection and Testing

Alcovisor® MARK V—DOT Evidential Breath Tester with Thermal Printer

The Alcovisor® Mark V provides fast and accurate breath alcohol test results and is the easiest to operate DOT/NHTSA certified device on the market.

Alcovisor® MERCURY—DOT Evidential Breath Tester with Bluetooth Wireless Printer

The Alcovisor® Mercury Touch Screen EBT breath alcohol analyzer delivers accurate and reliable test results with the convenience of a wireless printer to help document test data and reporting.

Alcovisor® JUPITER—DOT Built-In Printer Evidential Breath Tester

The Alcovisor® Jupiter offers unsurpassed convenience with its touchscreen technology, integrated keyboard, built-in printer, and additional advanced features that help eliminate flaws in the testing process.

Passive Alcohol Sensors

PAS Passive Alcohol Sensor LED Flashlight

The rugged and durable PAS Flashlight can detect even low levels of alcohol by drawing in passive air. The device is widely used by law enforcement, correctional officers, and security personnel to screen for the presence of alcohol on the breath or from open containers.

PAS Sentry—Wall-Mounted, Passive Breath Alcohol Testing Device

A wall-mounted, hands-free alcohol testing device with visual and audible alerts of the presence of alcohol. The fully automated design can stand alone or be sequenced with existing access control systems to deny entry with a positive alcohol reading.

Drug Detection and Screening

AquilaScan® II Oral Fluid Drug Screener

The AquilaScan® makes reliable, mobile drug testing quick and convenient and provides immediate results for DUI-D investigations. The integrated data management system helps eliminate possible sources of human error, ensuring proper chain of custody.

AquilaScan® II 7-Panel Oral Fluid Drug Test Cassette

The AquilaScan® II Cassette screens for commonly abused drugs and drug metabolites, including: AMP/COC/BZO/OPI/MET/THC/KET. It is designed for use with the AquilaScan® II Handheld Oral Fluid Drug Reader.

Entry Screening

PAS Entry Point Screen Device (EPSD)—Contactless Temperature Screening + Access Control

Designed to stand alone or be used with existing access control measures, the EPSD provides an accurate and rapid way to screen employees and visitors for elevated body temperature, mask detection, and facial recognition.

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