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State and country DUI programs tackle the problem of drunk driving with alcohol monitoring technology.

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Addressing Drunk Driving and Reducing Recidivism with Technology

Despite significant progress over the past few decades, drunk and impaired driving continues to pose a significant public safety threat for communities. According to NHTSA, drunk driving crashes claim over 10,000 lives per year in the United States, costing about $44 billion annually. Reducing drunk and impaired driving requires the combined efforts of courts, agencies, lawmakers, and the implementation of innovative state and county DUI programs to tackle the issue.

The most successful drunk and impaired driving reduction strategies leverage technology in conjunction with court-ordered participation in alcohol programs. Requiring clients to abstain from alcohol and be subject to continuous alcohol monitoring is proven to be effective in reducing drunk driving recidivism. SCRAM alcohol monitoring solutions help DUI programs assess clients, enforce accountability and compliance, promote sobriety, and address the root cause of drunk driving: alcohol misuse, abuse, and addiction.

Technology-driven alcohol monitoring has been a key factor in many of the most successful alcohol programs.

Applications for Drunk and Impaired Driver Caseloads

Low-Risk Alcohol Offenders

Representing the majority of those in the system, low-risk clients include first-time offenders or those with a lower BAC at the time of their arrest. SCRAM Remote Breath Pro provides proportional sobriety monitoring and can be used with SCRAM TouchPoint for additional supervision.

High-Risk Alcohol Offenders

High-risk clients, including hardcore and repeat alcohol clients, account for the most serious alcohol-related crimes and require more intensive supervision and long-term monitoring. SCRAM CAM is proven to support true behavior change in high-risk clients.

Treatment Courts

Treatment courts across the country are dedicated to changing the behavior of clients to reduce recidivism. Continuous alcohol monitoring is officially recognized by NADCP as an effective technology for monitoring clients in both Drug and DWI Courts.

24/7 Sobriety Programs

24/7 Sobriety Programs address repeat drunk driving and other alcohol-related offenses by separating participants from the root cause of their crimes: alcohol. Program participants are tested daily for alcohol consumption with monitoring technology such as SCRAM CAM and SCRAM Remote Breath Pro.

Target 25 Program

Under the Target 25 Program, those suspected of drunk driving with prior DUIs are immediately arrested and taken in for a blood-alcohol test and a bail hearing before a district judge. All participants must abstain from consuming alcohol and require supervision using continuous alcohol monitoring, unlike typical “catch and release” approaches.


of alcohol-involved traffic fatalities involve a driver with a BAC above .15


of DUI clients in jail or prison have repeat offenses


of convicted drunk drivers continue to drive on suspended license

Create a Customized Solution

Unified components to help reduce DUI recidivism

Alcohol monitoring and mobile client engagement options can be used in any combination to supervise both high- and low-risk alcohol clients and allow them to remain accountable and active in their community. Each SCRAM Systems monitoring technology communicates with our online software platforms to create a customized solution to further increase alcohol program efficiency and efficacy.

Solutions for drunk driving and impaired driving integrating client monitoring devices, caseload management software and evidence based practices.
Solutions for drunk driving and impaired driving integrating client monitoring devices, caseload management software and evidence based practices.

Client Monitoring Solutions


The SCRAM CAM® bracelet alcohol ankle monitor.



SCRAM Remote Breath Pro


The Touchpoint electronic monitoring mobile app gives probation and parole officers a supervision option for low-risk clients.

SCRAM Touchpoint


EBP Decision Support

SCRAM Nexus integrates evidence-based practices into day-to-day decision-making for community correction officers.



By applying behavioral science and analytics to agency policies, Nexus integrates evidence-based practices into day-to-day decision-making, guiding officers through daily workflows that help improve client outcomes.

Caseload Management

Optix brings supervision caseloads and client monitoring device data into one software platform.



Optix brings entire supervision caseloads and every SCRAM client monitoring device into one, integrated easy-to-use platform. Officers can work alerts, view client information, and run advanced analytics and reports.

Program Management

Electronic monitoring management software that supports supervision and alcohol monitoring programs across all testing methods.

SCRAM 24/7


SCRAM 24/7 allows officers to seamlessly manage all clients and testing methods on one, easy-to-use platform. Dynamic analytics and reporting tools help officers gain valuable insights to assess program and client progress.

SCRAM Monitoring Services

This is where it all comes together. With a variety of value-add services available, we help courts and agencies efficiently and effectively manage client compliance and increase program effectiveness while supporting community supervision.

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Supervising only 15% or 20% of repeat DUI clients doesn’t sufficiently improve public safety in my opinion. You have to supervise all of them. Every DUI/DWI court should be using monitoring technology.

– Judge Richard Vlavianos, San Joaquin DUI Monitoring Court

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