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A probation officer using electronic monitoring management software to manage their monitoring and testing program.


SCRAM 24/7™
Monitoring Management Software

Seamlessly Manage Clients Across All Monitoring and Testing Methods

SCRAM 24/7 brings together all clients and testing methods into one, easy-to-use platform. With the ability to manage a variety of drug and alcohol testing options, electronic monitoring devices, and more, supervising authorities can seamlessly track client compliance, financials, and progress across entire monitoring programs. And with dynamic analytics and reporting, supervising authorities can gain valuable insights into program performance. 

SCRAM 24/7 is perfect for pretrial release, drunk and impaired driving caseloads—like 24/7 Sobriety Programs—as well as initiatives to reduce jail overcrowding.

The only software platform that supports entire monitoring programs.

Keep Track of Every Monitoring Type

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

Remote Breath Alcohol Monitoring


Location Monitoring

Drug Patch Monitoring

2x Daily Breath Test

Mouth Swab Drug Testing

Ignition Interlock

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Program Management Case Management
The intuitive dashboard of SCRAM Insight electronic monitoring management software.

Program Management and Intelligence

SCRAM 24/7 allows supervising authorities to manage a variety of supervision programs of any size. With the intuitive dashboard, agents can sort clients and actions based on testing schedules and priority.

Electronic monitoring management software that connects all testing centers and offices into one unified database.

Consolidated Case Management and Test Sites

By connecting all testing centers and offices into one unified database, SCRAM 24/7 eliminates dual data entry. Agents can view updated client testing information, payment history, notes, and more, no matter which location they visit.

Testing Methods Randomize Test Schedules Fully Configurable
Insight supports all electronic monitoring and drug testing methods.

Supports Any Testing Method

Agents can record, track, and view results for common testing methods including urinalysis, drug patch, twice-daily breath tests, ignition interlock, treatment appointments, and more.

Plus, all SCRAM electronic monitoring data is seamlessly integrated, so compliance results are automatically populated in a client’s case file.

Agents can automatically randomize client drug or alcohol testing and test check-in schedules

Randomized Testing and Test Check-In Schedules

Agents can save time by automatically randomizing a client’s drug or alcohol testing and test check-in schedules based on configurable frequency, date, and time parameters to best meet program needs.

And, optional test check-in notification via toll-free call or text message informs random drug test clients to report to a testing location when required.

Officers can configure custom testing methods and data values for common drug and alcohol testing procedures.

Configurable Testing Methods

In addition to common drug and alcohol testing procedures, officers can configure custom testing methods and data values to support their unique monitoring programs.

Track Payments Fee Management
Agents can view a client’s financial obligations and log payment information this electronic monitoring management software.

Track and Log Client Payment Information

Agents can quickly view a client’s financial obligations and securely log payment information. No matter which location a client visits, financial data can be entered and viewed for any office or testing center, allowing for easy payment tracking on one platform.

Insight tracks testing and monitoring fees so you can stay up-to-date on client obligations and outstanding balances.

Track Testing and Monitoring Fees

To help supervising authorities stay up-to-date on client obligations, SCRAM 24/7 tracks testing and monitoring fees and shows any outstanding balances. Agencies can also create configurable fee amounts, like one-time installation, daily monitoring, testing fees, and more.

Analytics and reporting tools for electronic monitoring management software are on screen.

Dynamic Analytics and Reports

With access to powerful analytics and reporting tools, supervising authorities can easily assess program and client progress and determine what’s working and where to make adjustments. Agencies can review analytics on client demographics, testing types, and more, and can filter and view reports using a variety of criteria.

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