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Why Work With Us?

Making a difference, not just a living.

Our team provides solutions that support the community corrections industry. Whether it’s offering support to individuals struggling with addiction or providing peace of mind to domestic violence survivors, our products and services play an integral role in creating safer communities worldwide.

When you join our team, you’ll be part of creating groundbreaking solutions that truly make a difference. 

Don’t take our word for it—hear it straight from our employees!

Unlocking Limitless Opportunities 

In partnership with Ownership Works, all SCRAM Systems employees are given ownership equity in the organization which means together, we work hard and share successes. Our legacy of innovation not only positions our team members at the forefront of industry leadership but also offers boundless avenues for personal and professional growth. 

Embracing Employees On and Off the Clock 

Our team members’ work environments vary, including remote, in-office, and hybrid positions. Our network consists of three office locations in Colorado, North Carolina, and Ohio with remote team members in nearly all 50 states.

Developing Innovative Solutions 

As we expand our reach, we’re not just revolutionizing road and community safety—we are shaping the future of protection and peace of mind for communities on a global scale. As a part of the SCRAM Systems and LifeSafer team, you will have a hand in bringing innovative solutions to people all over the world. 

Our commitment to excellence drives us to continue to develop technology that goes above and beyond industry standards. Join our dynamic team and help us create and supply the next generation of lifesaving technologies! 

SCRAM Systems was the first to bring transdermal alcohol monitoring technology to the corrections market. Since then, SCRAM Systems has monitored over one million clients with SCRAM CAM, showing our commitment to fostering accountability and promoting sobriety. 

LifeSafer Ignition Interlock’s device was the first to be approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. With over two million devices installed today, we remain steadfast in our mission to save lives and promote responsible behavior.

SCRAM Systems is a leader in the alcohol-monitoring technology space. Our brand family includes SCRAM Systems, LifeSafer, PAS, Guardian, Monitech, and QuickStart. When you join our team, you’ll be part of creating groundbreaking solutions that truly make a difference.

Be Part of Something Remarkable 

When you work for SCRAM Systems, you become part of a fast-growing, life-changing organization that prioritizes employees as people first. With limitless opportunities and innovation, we’re excited for you to learn about all we have to offer you!