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Sober Days

99.3% of SCRAM CAM Days are Sober Days

A Sober Day can be defined as a 24-hour period in which a SCRAM CAM monitored individual has no confirmed consumption of alcohol and no confirmed attempt to tamper or circumvent testing in order to mask the consumption of alcohol.

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What Are Sober Days?



OPTIONS in Alcohol Monitoring

SCRAM Systems is the only technology company providing OPTIONS in alcohol monitoring to help you manage a wider range of alcohol clients and reduce risks to your community.

SCRAM OPTIONS in Alcohol Monitoring

Manage a Wider Range of Alcohol Clients


Make a Difference

Supporting individuals and communities

Our focus today, led by the success of our flagship SCRAM CAM product, continues to be delivering technology solutions that are on the leading edge of what courts, agencies, and treatment providers need, and how our technologies can truly Make a Difference in the lives of offenders, their families, and their communities.

Committed to Excellence

Target 25 DUI Reduction Program
SCRAM GPS Location Monitoring

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Alcohol and Location Monitoring OPTIONS for Higher- and Lower-Risk Clients

SCRAM Program Management Center

The PMC encompasses all of the value-add services you need to efficiently and effectively manage compliance.

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Press Release

Booze-sniffing bracelet tracks its 500,000th drunk driver

Alcohol Monitoring Systems has announced that the SCRAM CAM device has monitored its half-millionth client. The milestone underscores just how integral the alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet has become to help communities address drunk driving and alcohol-related crime.

Sobering Up Blog

TN Could Lose Highway Funding Over New DUI Law

When Tennessee’s lawmakers revised the state’s drunk driving laws earlier this year, they didn’t anticipate that one change could cost them as much as $60 million in federal highway funding.

Client Voices

SCRAM CAM Testimonial

Hear Dennis talk about his struggles with alcohol and how SCRAM CAM helped him get his life back on track.