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Below are the instructions to charge your SCRAM GPS bracelet and other important information.

Charging Your SCRAM GPS Device

Insert the flat, two-hole connector on the wall outlet cord into the slot on the power brick.

The connector can be plugged into the brick in either direction.

Carefully align the bracelet cable end with the power brick prongs. Ensure that the groove in the cable connector lines up with the tab in the receiver on the power supply (it fits only one way), push in the cord, and tighten the retaining ring, ensuring the charging cable stays fastened securely to the power supply.

Note: It is critical that the key and two prongs be properly aligned before pushing in the cord.

Charging Best Practices

  • Fully charge the device once per day, daily. Do not charge in short increments.
  • Charging while asleep is not recommended.

Additional SCRAM GPS Charging Instructions

To recharge, use only the provided SCRAM GPS charger. Connect the external charger by sliding the terminal into the housing slot. Charge the SCRAM GPS device until the Charge Indicator light is Green.

Charge Indicator

Charging—Blinking Green Light

Charge Complete—Solid Green Light

Not Charging—No Green Light

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