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About SCRAM Systems

Our purpose is to change lives for the better, and make our communities safer through advanced technology and world-class service.

At SCRAM Systems, we have been re-engineering community corrections operations since our inception. We provide an integrated approach to supporting our customers by offering solutions specific to court and agency needs throughout all phases of client management. From our world-renowned alcohol monitoring products to our groundbreaking evidence-based practice implementation software, each of our products is backed by the strong reputation and quality that comes with the SCRAM Systems brand.

Solutions that Make a Difference

Heading into the future, SCRAM Systems will continue our legacy of responsiveness and innovation. The impact of criminal justice reform will be significant. Several trends—including bail reform, sentencing reform, and the high cost of incarceration—will result in fewer people being sent to prison and more being released from prison. This will greatly increase the number of clients needing pretrial, probation, and parole services.

As a company, we are committed to continuing our tradition of re-engineering operations to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and improve client outcomes through constant innovation and investment to research and design. SCRAM Systems has always been—and always will be—committed to building solutions that make a difference.

SCRAM Systems has always been—and always will be—committed to building solutions that make a difference.

Our Core Values


We hold ourselves to the highest standards. We are trusted partners, counted on to do the right thing every time, making a difference in the lives of our clients.


We are one team united towards a common purpose. We support one another and make each other better.


We do what we say we will and hold each other accountable. Our actions match our words.


We believe in our client’s ability to change. We are committed to making our customers successful in the service and support of their clients.


We are committed to delivering world-class, outcome-focused services and products to support positive behavioral change and public safety.

Our History

Our flagship product, SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® (SCRAM CAM®), was created to provide community corrections agencies with a more effective tool to supervise alcohol-involved clients. Launched to market in 2003, SCRAM CAM has become the most widely used and trusted transdermal alcohol monitoring device in the world.

Based on this success and in response to requests from our customers and needs in the criminal justice market, in 2013 we launched our full suite of monitoring hardware and subsequently rebranded from Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS) to SCRAM Systems®. With the addition of technologies such as SCRAM Nexus® and SCRAM TouchPoint® to our suite of hardware products, we provide the best, most comprehensive and unparalleled solution portfolio on the market.

The SCRAM CAM® bracelet alcohol ankle monitor.

Highlights of the SCRAM Story


Two Studies

Dr. Daniel J. Brown, Indiana University School of Medicine, published two studies on the subject of measuring volatile substances through the skin including alcohol excretion in human perspiration.


Research Begins

Our founders began to research and work in the field of transdermal alcohol testing.


First Patent

The first patent was filed for the Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM) System.



The first operational SCRAM prototype was completed.


Becoming Official

Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc. was officially founded, and the company entered the R&D phase for the SCRAM System.


Database Launches

SCRAMNET, the first internet-based alcohol test results database, was launched.


Beta Testing

We developed the first 100 pre-production SCRAM units and began extensive BETA testing with the Michigan Department of Corrections.

In August, we exhibited at our first tradeshow, the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) Training Conference in Denver.


CAM is Launched

In April, we officially launched the SCRAM System to the criminal justice market and created the Continuous Alcohol Monitoring/CAM product category. Our first official customer was in Michigan.


Gaining Traction

SCRAM was in use in 19 different states.


Successful Expansion

We hit the 1,700 clients-monitored-a-day milestone and launched a SCRAM program in our 30th state.


Milestones Continue

SCRAM reaches 100 millionth alcohol test milestone.

In July, SCRAM became a household name as media throughout the world began covering the use of our technology on high-profile Hollywood celebrities.



Unofficially known as SCRAM II, we released the 2nd generation of our SCRAM System, which included a bracelet that was sleeker, lighter, and one-sided.


Creative Solutions

Based on market demand, we released the 3rd generation of our system, officially known as SCRAMx, which incorporated the option to add house arrest/RF monitoring to any SCRAM participant’s supervision, right from the same device. One bracelet, dual function.


Nearly Nationwide

We officially expanded to 48 states (and counting!). CAM technology became mainstream as legislation throughout the U.S. began to incorporate CAM language into DUI laws.


Inform and Expand

In February, we launched Sobering Up: A blog about drunk driving, alcohol addiction, and criminal justice. The blog provides a forum for information on relevant issues, research, trends, and debates.

In October, we partnered with Omnilink, a leading provider of GPS tracking technology, to provide GPS location services to agencies looking for a one-stop-shop for electronic monitoring needs.


Aloha, Rebrand

Hawaii became the 49th state to officially use SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® on clients.

What’s in a name? Everything. We embarked on a new journey as we named our ever-expanding suite of products SCRAM Systems® and launched a new, updated logo to boot.


Remote Breath

SCRAM Systems released the first production units of SCRAM Remote Breath®. Fully integrated with SCRAMNET, the product is designed specifically for lower-risk alcohol clients and provides courts with reliable OPTIONS for varying levels of alcohol offenses.


Industry Leaders

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® has hit the 2 billion alcohol readings milestone, surpassing every other alcohol testing technology to become the most frequently used alcohol testing protocol in the world.

Introduced the newest generation of our SCRAM GPS technology, including best-in-industry strap design and unparalleled SCRAM GPS Analytics.


Dynamic EM Caseload Management

Building on our dedication to providing innovation in the criminal justice industry, we launched SCRAMNET Optix, a dynamic user interface that allows officers to manage their entire electronic monitoring caseload using a single login.

In December, we reached 1 million monitored days in a single month.


Software & Mobile App Enhancements

In March, we introduced SCRAM Nexus®, a revolutionary software system that centralizes client data and officer actions, making evidence-based practices possible and giving community corrections the data needed to make informed decisions.

Our new mobile app, SCRAM TouchPoint™, launched in August allows officers to more effectively manage clients and streamline the most common interactions, adding an efficient layer of supervision to increase accountability and compliance across caseloads.


Going Global

National rollouts are announced in England and Wales as well as in the Netherlands. In so doing, the governments of these areas made SCRAM CAM a possible sanction for those accused of alcohol-related offenses and expanded SCRAM’s global footprint.

We celebrated yet another milestone with the accomplishment of 100 million days of client monitoring. Each one of those days was an opportunity for us to continue helping our clients stay sober and assisting our partners in the field to monitor compliance.


SCRAM Systems Merges with LMG Holdings, Inc.

The joining of SCRAM Systems and LMG Holdings brings the most complete set of offender monitoring technologies which includes ignition interlock devices, continuous transdermal alcohol monitoring, remote breath/portable alcohol monitoring, GPS, standalone RF/house arrest technology, web-based reporting and communications tools, software solutions, and ISO-certified monitoring services and support.


Remote Breath Pro Launches

The newest product in the SCRAM Systems suite is released—SCRAM Remote Breath® Pro, the most versatile and durable compact breath testing device, becomes available to SCRAM Systems Service Providers and Agencies.