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A young man uses an electronic monitoring mobile app to respond to a message from his parole officer.

Monitoring Solutions

SCRAM TouchPoint®
Electronic Monitoring Mobile App

Mobile App for Client Monitoring and Engagement

The SCRAM TouchPoint mobile app enhances communication between clients and officers while making community corrections programs more efficient. With secure and stored messaging, configurable mobile phone check-ins, and automated electronic monitoring reminders, SCRAM TouchPoint increases compliance by helping both low- and high-risk clients successfully complete the terms of their supervision.

TouchPoint works with an agency’s existing SCRAM electronic monitoring caseload and data from the app integrates seamlessly with our software solutions to help enhance supervision and save officers time on client engagement tasks. TouchPoint can also be used as a standalone monitoring and engagement tool in probation, pretrial, and parole departments.

Meet clients where they are. Any time. Any place.

Low-Risk Standalone Supervision

An efficient and intuitive way to check in and communicate with low-risk supervision clients, or those who don’t require additional alcohol or location monitoring.

Enhanced EM Supervision

Integrate with SCRAM electronic monitoring devices and software as an added layer of supervision and help clients complete the terms of their supervision.

Support Client Outcomes With EBP

When used with SCRAM Nexus, officers can easily schedule and remind clients about appointments and apply principles of evidence-based practices.

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Check-In Bio-Verification GPS Points E-Signature
A client uses the Touchpoint electronic monitoring mobile app to check-in with his parole officer.

Verify Key Client Information Anytime, Anywhere

Enable clients to complete scheduled or on-demand self-reports right from their smartphone. Clients answer a series of configurable questions designed by their supervising agent and verify or submit updates on key information such as current residence, employment, and contact with law enforcement.

A laptop shows how a client can check-in from the Touchpoint electronic monitoring mobile app.

Two-Layer Bio-Verification

Prior to check-in completion, the client is required to provide a passed fingerprint or face identification as supported by their mobile phone. Then, built-in facial authentication software automatically reviews and compares the client’s check-in photo to a library of matched photos to verify their identity with 98-99% confidence.

A laptop shows a GPS point captured with the client's mobile app check-in.

Obtain a GPS Point With Every Check-In

TouchPoint also records a GPS location and client photo with each check-in, giving officers additional insight into a client’s response.

Collect Signatures for Important Documents

TouchPoint allows clients to sign important documents electronically, removing the need for extra office visits.

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Messaging Read Receipts & Transcripts Text-to-All Preferred Language
The screen shows the text-like messaging officers use to communicate with electronic monitoring clients.

Secure, Real-Time Messaging

Take advantage of text-like messaging to communicate with clients in real-time, right from the SCRAM Optix Officer dashboard. TouchPoint’s secure messages facilitate effective two-way communication between officers and clients and give clients an intuitive and modern method to meet their supervision requirements.

The screen shows the message read receipts that assure the officer their clients have seen a message.

Easily Manage Client Communications

Read receipts ensure officers know when clients open and view messages. And with saved transcripts, shared messaging permissions, and printing capabilities, it’s easy for officers to manage client communications across caseloads.

An officer sending an important anouncement to all her clients at once via an electronic monitoring mobile app.

Send a Message to All Clients at Once

Officers can save time by simultaneously sending important announcements or messages to all or a portion of clients on their caseload.

Preferred Language Expands Client Accessibility

TouchPoint can house up to six preferred languages for clients to choose from, increasing the ease of communication between officer and client.

EM Notifications Appointment Reminders
A client is on his way home when he gets a reminder an electronic monitoring reminder.

Automatic EM Notifications Promote Compliance

SCRAM TouchPoint improves client success by providing push notifications to a client’s phone to alert them to take action—like when it is time to charge their device, schedule a maintenance appointment, or connect with their base station.

Automated reminders on routine electronic monitoring tasks can save officers an average of 42 min/per client/per month freeing them to focus on tasks and alerts that matter most.

TouchPoint enables officers and treatment providers to schedule electronic monitoring appointments.

Scheduled and Automated Appointment Reminders

When integrated with SCRAM Nexus, TouchPoint enables officers and treatment providers to schedule appointments for each client on their caseload and automatically send clients reminders on upcoming appointments and obligations to help them meet their supervision goals.

Document Management Shared Resources
An officer managing client documents shared through the electronic monitoring mobile app.

Document Management

Officers and clients can securely share, access, and manage important documents—such as driver’s license, paystubs, victim impact panel certificate, treatment attendance slips, and more—right from the SCRAM Optix dashboard.

Valuable Resources at a Client’s Fingertips

Agents can upload and store client services, support links, and documents to TouchPoint for easy client access, such as participant forms, treatment centers, job interview tips, crisis centers, and more. Having links and documents readily available eliminates the need for officers to search for this important information.

It is far easier for clients to communicate by sending a quick text message, and for my officers there is concrete “evidence” as to when a message was sent as well as received. This gives us a clear indication that the client did read the message, which is helpful during office visits and in the court setting.

– SCRAM TouchPoint Customer

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