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Enhance Billing and Collections with TouchPoint® + AllPaid

With paper invoices, manual bookkeeping, and keeping records up-to-date, client billing and collections is often a time consuming and cumbersome process. But through the SCRAM Systems and AllPaid partnership, supervision agencies can easily generate invoice notifications using SCRAM TouchPoint’s Text-to-All feature—saving officers time while increasing collections.

Bring a Collections Layer to Electronic Monitoring

Printing out and mailing paper invoices to clients is tedious and difficult to track, involving heavy administrative efforts and time from officers that could be spent with clients. But the integration of AllPaid’s secure, single-source payment platform with SCRAM TouchPoint removes the need for manual billing and collections, ultimately saving valuable time. SCRAM TouchPoint customers can directly collect client payments for app utilization, services, restitution, and even electronic monitoring bills through AllPaid’s payment processing platform.

Using TouchPoint’s Text-to-All feature, officers can easily send an invoice link to all or a portion of their caseload that clients can then use to directly pay their bill through the AllPaid website. AllPaid can also integrate with existing accounting systems, ensuring there are no gaps in bookkeeping. With just a few clicks, clients can pay their TouchPoint or electronic monitoring fees quickly and securely.

This not only streamlines the billing and collections process for agencies but also provides an easy and modern way for clients to stay up to date on payments. With the option to pay invoices online, agencies can collect money faster and eliminate manual paper handling and record keeping.

“Text-to-All mass messaging has made it easy to make sure clients have the task of paying their bill on their mind. It takes just a few seconds to send out a mass text for payment reminders.

A lot of our clients also prefer texting over calling, so being able to text them has made them take the initiative to pay in a timely manner. For them, it’s just a click of a link to get them where they need to go!”

—Valerie Whittle, SSI

Perfect for current TouchPoint users and electronic monitoring agencies that don’t have a billing platform or want to go beyond QuickBooks and manual collections, TouchPoint makes collecting client payments easy and efficient.

Resource Savings

  • Eliminates outdated and time-consuming ways of collecting EM payments
  • Allows clients to instantaneously pay their monitoring bills electronically, supporting supervision plan requirements

Watch this demo video to see some of TouchPoint’s features in action.

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