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Client Voices: SCRAM CAM Gives Clients the Confidence to Achieve Sobriety

The majority of those on SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® (SCRAM CAM®) are court-ordered due to one or multiple DUIs or other alcohol-induced crimes. But some clients seek out the security and assurance that SCRAM CAM can bring, by voluntarily using the technology to achieve sobriety.

Learning to Live Without

It took a lot for Chris to hit rock bottom—losing his job and relationships and even finding himself in the hospital near death multiple times. He knew he needed something to help keep him away from what he wanted most. As luck would have it, someone close to him knew about a tool that could provide the accountability he needed.

After over two years of voluntarily wearing the SCRAM CAM device, Chris has relied on SCRAM CAM to keep him accountable, ultimately giving him the confidence he needed to live each day without alcohol—the thing he thought he could never live without.

Chris’ story shows true determination to lead a more productive lifestyle for himself and his family. In his testimonial, he says words that many others may feel—without SCRAM CAM, he may not be here today.

Chris’s Journey to Sobriety

Chris’s journey to sobriety was a long one, but he found the tool he needed to give him confidence to live a sober life. Listen to his story and share it with those who may also be inspired by his successful journey!

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