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SCRAM Remote Breath® Pro
Breath Alcohol Testing

The Most Versatile Compact Breath Alcohol Testing Device

The compact and durable SCRAM Remote Breath Pro provides versatile breath alcohol monitoring with options for scheduled, random, on-demand, and client-initiated testing for low-risk clients or those who have earned less intensive testing and monitoring. Enhanced facial guidance and verification software decreases manual photo review by over 90%, allowing officers more time to spend on their caseloads and clients. 

Built for community corrections, SCRAM Remote Breath Pro can improve client outcomes in drunk and impaired driving, domestic and family, and alcohol and opioid caseloads.

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Breath Tests Performed


Total Breath Clients Monitored

14.8 Million

Monitored Days

Facial Verification Enhanced Facial Guidance

Reduces Errors & Manual Photo Matching

Intelligent authentication software provides automatic facial verification against client enrollment photo and a gallery of photos taken during client testing. With Remote Breath Pro, the software automatically analyzes 90-95% of client photos, significantly reducing manual photo matching.

Increased Client Usability and Compliance

Remote Breath Pro utilizes enhanced facial guidance which provides visual cues to align the eyes and ensure the client takes a good photo each and every test, reducing the need to take multiple tests and increase client compliance.

Portable and Discreet

Remote Breath Pro is compact, discreet, and portable so clients can test anytime and anywhere—adapting to their everyday life. The device comes with a fitted carrying case and a USB and standard wall charger.

GPS Test Schedules Store & Forward

GPS With Every Test Type

SCRAM Remote Breath Pro stores test results and a GPS location with taken and missed tests—a feature that’s proving valuable for making sense out of the most frequent alert type in remote breath testing: the missed test. Visibility into the GPS points mean more supervision data, further increasing the success of alcohol programs.

On-board Test Schedules

Remote Breath Pro stores test schedules in the device and prompts clients when it’s time to test, whether or not they are in cell range. Officers can set up text reminders to be sent to a client’s phone—removing the excuse of not knowing it is time to take a test.

Stores Test Results When Out of Cell Coverage

Most portable alcohol breath devices don’t record test results without cell coverage. But mobile alcohol testing should be just that: mobile. As the only device with store & forward, SCRAM Remote Breath Pro can store up to 40,000 test results when out of cell range and forward them automatically when service is reacquired.

SCRAM TouchPoint SCRAM Optix
A SCRAM client using the touchpoint mobile app to check-in with their parole officer.

Enhance Your Remote Breath Pro Monitoring

The SCRAM TouchPoint client mobile app improves client engagement while making programs utilizing SCRAM Remote Breath Pro more efficient. The secure, real-time messaging, automates Remote Breath Pro monitoring reminders, and configurable mobile phone check-ins help alcohol clients successfully complete the terms of their supervision.

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A SCRAM client using the touchpoint mobile app to check-in with their parole officer.

EM Client Caseload Management

SCRAM Optix streamlines an officer’s workflow by allowing them to manage their entire SCRAM electronic monitoring caseload with a single login. Search for clients, view and work priority AFI or failed test alerts, and run advanced reports and analytics right from the dashboard.

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