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SCRAM Remote Breath Receives Patent for AFI

On November 28, 2017, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office issued a new patent for SCRAM Remote Breath® that covers the process the device uses to verify a user’s image.

This patented process ensures that breath alcohol tests are being taken by the assigned client while virtually eliminating the need for court and agency personnel to manually review and match test photos. The process also provides automated instructions to users to correct the most common causes of unmatchable test photos.

Test With Confidence

SCRAM Remote Breath is the first and only portable breathalyzer device that uses Automated Facial Intelligence (AFI™), a government security grade facial verification software, to confirm the identity of the user.

Each time a client is required to take a breath alcohol reading, the device snaps and records the user’s picture and automatically compares it to a gallery of past pictures. In cases of light overexposure, low light, or photo obstruction, Remote Breath’s AFI will automatically trigger a retest and provide instructions to the user on the device’s screen to ensure the best photo quality. With this process, SCRAM Remote Breath is able to verify 90 to 95% of all test photos.

Mark Wojcik, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at SCRAM Systems and one of the device’s inventors, states, “The unique process behind AFI builds and uses a photo gallery of the client, which is constantly updated to help improve accuracy of the facial intelligence readings. It also provides feedback to the user on how to correctly take the picture—which is unique to any device currently in the marketplace.”

In addition, unlike other breath testers that use a fisheye lens for photos, Remote Breath uses a flat, front-facing camera similar to those found in smartphones. This higher-quality lens minimizes distortion, allows for better automated facial verification accuracy, and provides a clear picture for the few photos that do need to be reviewed by an officer. This saves time and provides supervising entities with the confidence that false matches are not getting through.

SCRAM Remote Breath Patented AFI Process

The SCRAM Remote Breath device was invented by SCRAM Systems’ very own Mark Wojcik, Gary Shoffner, Gordon Murray, Gregory Morton, and Matthew Zenthoefer.

Options in Alcohol Monitoring

The SCRAM Remote Breath is the most flexible portable breath testing option in the industry. The device allows programs to tailor testing with scheduled, random, and on-demand options, and records a GPS location with each passed, failed, and missed test. The results can then be viewed and managed through SCRAM Optix™ or on-the-go via the SCRAM Mobile App—allowing agents to work seamlessly between the office and field.

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