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Automated Facial Intelligence (AFI)™

It’s Not Just Photos, It’s Intelligent

It’s not a cost-effective monitoring option if the staff time to manage it is straining your resources and your budget. When SCRAM Systems set out to build our own remote breath technology, we knew it had to meet the same standards of usability, quality, and reliability as our flagship SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring product. And we knew it had to solve the issue of staff-to-offender ratios that plague other remote alcohol testing programs. SCRAM Remote Breath, our breath alcohol tester, does both.


The Power of AFI

Is your staff manually reviewing photos for your remote alcohol monitoring program? Then you know just how hard it is to 'match' or 'fail' thousands of photos a day by hand.

Introducing Automated Facial Intelligence: it’s not just photos, it’s intelligent, government security grade facial recognition software. Photos mean you do the work of reviewing and matching images. AFI means SCRAM Remote Breath does that for you.

  • Automated matching—reduces manual review of photos by 90–95%
  • High-resolution images—clear photos of the 5–10% you do review
  • Scalable & Manageable—significant reductions in the staff time required to confirm identities
  • Real-time notifications with automated, simultaneous client verification
SCRAM Remote Breath AFI photo matching

AFI Reduces Errors and Costly Manual Matching

On average, remote breath testing clients are required to take 4 tests each day. Multiply that by the number of clients in your program, and an average of 1 full-time officer per 100 breath test clients, and the labor to manually review photos adds up quickly. And as an 8-hour shift progresses, accuracy in matching decreases exponentially.

SCRAM remote breath automatic facial intelligence

Get True, Real-Time Notifications

AFI also allows for true, real-time notification of violations. The software automatically matches or fails 90-95% of all tests taken each day. So your first staff in the morning doesn’t spend the day trying to catch up on yesterday’s late day tests.

SCRAM remote breath automatic facial intelligence

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