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SCRAM referral partner programs help local agencies, courts, and counties to develop comprehensive monitoring programs.

Authorized SCRAM
Service Providers

Authorized SCRAM Service Providers

With a large national network of Authorized Service Providers, we are able to bring our suite of alcohol and location monitoring devices, mobile apps, and software to courts, counties, and agencies at the local level, to help ensure that clients are staying compliant with court-ordered sobriety. Our service partners are much more than companies that handle program administration and perform daily monitoring tasks—they act as a vital part of supervision programs as they cost-effectively manage workloads while letting local courts and agencies retain authority in the decision-making process.

SCRAM Service Providers work closely with courts and agencies to develop comprehensive monitoring programs uniquely suited to client management needs and departmental policies. By offering services such as program management, equipment maintenance, court support and expert testimony, client management, and more, our service partners can help monitoring programs optimize staff time and improve client outcomes.

SCRAM Service Providers across the country carry our full suite of alcohol and location monitoring devices and mobile apps.

Supporting local courts, counties, and agencies with comprehensive electronic monitoring solutions.

Working with a SCRAM Service Provider has made it easy for our agency to spend time on important tasks, like working with our clients. We have not only saved money but daily operations run more smoothly.

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Referral Partner Value-Add Services

By leveraging their expertise and experience, our authorized service partners can perform the bulk of daily monitoring activities so local courts, counties, and agencies can focus on the business of supervision, enforcement, and public safety. Our providers offer the following services to create a bridge to community re-entry and help electronic monitoring programs become more effective:

Program Design & Setup

Create custom program definitions, goals, policies, and guidelines to assess a client’s suitability for monitoring

Integrate best practices into program design to optimize supervision efforts

Provide ongoing process improvements and refinements

Program Management

Educate courts and agencies about SCRAM monitoring devices, mobile apps, and software

Fulfill supervision requirements such as reporting, alert follow-up, sanctions, and communications

Provide regular updates on program activity and results to assess needs and progress

Daily Client Management

Conduct device installations and removals and instruct clients about program criteria and responsibilities

Review and distribute daily monitoring reports and violation reports 

Alert appropriate supervising authorities on non-compliant client behavior

Equipment Maintenance

Perform all equipment maintenance

Maintain a local inventory of equipment 

Supply courts and agencies with the latest version of SCRAM devices, mobile apps, and software

Billing & Program Fees

Work directly with clients to manage billing and fee collections

Educate courts and agencies on fee structures, payment options, and indigent funding programs 

Perform all accounting activities and record keeping relative to client payments

Court Support & Testimony

Provide the court with individualized documentation on drinking events or other violations

Support the court with expert witness testimony and interpreting non-compliant events 

Liaison with SCRAM Systems to provide evidentiary-level support on the science and technology of devices

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