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The Target 25 Program Model

In 2011, York County, PA Court of Common Pleas Judge John S. Kennedy identified some startling trends in the county:


of all cases on the docket were DUIs


of those were for repeat DUI offenses


of those convicted of DUI were re-arrested for a subsequent DUI before their case was adjudicated

Under the leadership of Judge Kennedy, York County’s judges, the district attorney’s office, local law enforcement, probation/parole, and local SCRAM provider Vigilnet worked cooperatively to develop the Target 25 program, which fundamentally changed the way DUI cases are handled. 

Under Target 25, law enforcement officers run a records check during every drunk driving stop. Suspects with prior DUIs are immediately arrested and taken for a blood-alcohol test and a bail hearing before a district judge. In contrast to typical “catch and release” approaches or traditional bail requirements, Target 25 requires pretrial supervision and 24/7 Continuous Alcohol Monitoring for all repeat DUI clients.

Interested in your own repeat DUI program? Download our Target 25 Implementation Guide.


Technology-Driven Solutions to Curb DUI/DWI Recidivism 

Infographic of the Target 25 Program and How it Works.