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SCRAM Ally: Providing Critical Information for Additional Client Insights

For victims of violent crimes, sexual assault, or domestic violence, knowing their abuser is being tracked with GPS monitoring may not be enough. The SCRAM Ally® Victim Notification mobile app works in conjunction with SCRAM GPS® to notify the victim and supervising authorities when the corresponding GPS client is in proximity to the victim’s phone.

SCRAM Ally also allows victims to immediately call or text 911 directly from the app with just the push of a button, should they ever need to.

Immediate Notification When It’s Needed the Most

Officers and Service Providers have an important job managing their GPS caseloads with the added responsibility of keeping their victims informed. The SCRAM Ally mobile app provides more immediate notification when a SCRAM GPS client has entered the victim’s moving exclusion zone.

Having the visibility of the GPS client’s location in association with the victim’s whereabouts provides the information officers need to act if an exclusion zone is breached or a violation has occurred.

Users of the Ally app may have more peace of mind knowing they will be notified of a violation by the offender—and that a monitoring center with multiple agents are watching and can provide help at any time, if needed.

From the Voices of a Detective and a SCRAM Service Provider

In the video below, hear from a retired detective and a SCRAM Systems Service Provider about the ways SCRAM Ally can provide some control back to victims. Ally also gives additional visibility into the client’s whereabouts and helps them comply with court orders.

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