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Community Supervision


How Sheriffs are Using Alcohol Monitoring Technology to Supervise Offenders

Jail overcrowding is a serious issue in the U.S., imprisoning more people than any other nation in the world. With 60% of jail inmates awaiting deposition and not actually serving time for a conviction, sheriffs programs that rely on alcohol monitoring technology to oversee offenders in lieu of incarceration are becoming more prevalent throughout the states.

Implementing a Repeat Alcohol Offender Program That Works

According to NHTSA, a person with one or more prior DUI/DWI offenses is 4.1x more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash, making repeat alcohol offenders dangerous to a community. But, courts and agencies across the country are using alcohol monitoring technologies to create sustainable, outcome-driven programs to support long-term behavior change in repeat alcohol offenders.

Does My State Require Alcohol Monitoring for a DUI Conviction?

Whether you live on the East Coast, West Coast, or somewhere in between, if you get behind the wheel after drinking you will face the consequences and may even end up with a DUI on your record. But, DUI laws and penalties are not country-wide. In fact, many aspects of these laws vary greatly from state to state and may even be specific to a single state.

Lake County Uses SCRAM CAM Technology to Address Repeat DUIs

With almost 1,800 DUI arrests in 2016 alone, Lake County has the fourth highest rate of drunk driving in Illinois. To help combat this issue, the County recently launched a new alcohol monitoring program to ensure these types of offenders stay sober.

Implementing an Affordable Alcohol Monitoring Program

Funding challenges are usually the main reason courts and jurisdictions hesitate to add intensive alcohol and location monitoring into their programs. However, daily monitoring fees are a fraction of the cost of incarceration and electronic monitoring can help improve program and offender outcomes and save money over time.

SCRAM CAM Programs Keeping Clients Sober on St. Paddy’s

With over 56% of Americans planning to celebrate this year, it is no surprise that St. Patrick's Day has become the fourth most popular drinking day of the year—but SCRAM CAM programs are helping clients enjoy a safe and sober holiday.