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SCRAM CAM Probation Officer

Tennessee Probation Program Tackles DUIs and Domestic Assault With SCRAM CAM

The Hamilton County Corrections Department in Tennessee added SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM CAM) to their pretrial and probation program to counter alcohol-related crimes like drunk driving and domestic assault. The goal of the program is to deter re-offense while clients are being supervised.

Mid- to high-risk alcohol clients who have committed multiple or severe offenses are court-ordered to wear SCRAM CAM as a condition of their probation. The goal of monitoring is to deter re-offense while clients are being supervised, and the county is seeing positive results. To date, 99.5% of clients monitored with SCRAM CAM are sober and compliant each day. For the few clients who do violate the terms of monitoring, the average time to a first violation is 96 days.

The probation department has found that Continuous Alcohol Monitoring gives clients an additional measure of support to get and stay sober.

“Clients feel good when they are being successful with the technology and can prove their compliance.”

Jill Whaley, Hamilton County Probation Officer

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