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SCRAM Systems products and solutions provide alcohol monitoring and location monitoring solutions for community corrections and evidence-based practices.


SCRAM Remote Breath

How SCRAM Systems is using cutting-edge technology to decrease alcohol misuse


Harness the Power of Data with SCRAM Optix™ Analytics

How can community corrections departments and supervision agencies be sure that their electronic monitoring programs are producing positive results? Without detailed data, officers may not be aware of their programs’ performance and may be making decisions “in the dark”. SCRAM Optix Analytics provides powerful reporting tools so community corrections officers can make insightful decisions to increase program efficiency and client success.

Riverside Acquires Leading Provider of Electronic-Monitoring Solutions


The Ins and Outs of Alcohol in the Body

Alcohol use has been prevalent throughout history and that continues to be true today. Unfortunately, the adverse effects of alcohol use and abuse are well-known. The need for accurate and reliable methods to identify traces of alcohol in the body has led to the development of many technologies—each with its own features, benefits, and limitations.

Remote breath testing program gets a first run in Davison County

SCRAM CAM Probation Officer

Integrating Alcohol Monitoring Technology into Probation Programs

Alcohol misuse, abuse, and addiction are common among probation populations—46% of probationers reported being under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of their offense and 14% are under supervision for a DUI. But probation departments across the country are emphasizing results-oriented supervision by leveraging technology to address alcohol-involved crimes.

SCRAM CAM Hardcore Drunk Driver Technology

Tackling Repeat Alcohol Offenses with Technology-Driven Programs

Repeat and hardcore drunk drivers account for the most serious alcohol-related crimes and pose a significant threat to their communities. But innovative, criteria-based programs utilizing alcohol monitoring technology can help reduce the danger caused by these types of alcohol clients and put them on the path to sobriety.

Case Study

Ravalli County Jail Diversion Program is Reducing Recidivism and Creating Community

Program Overview Ravalli County, located in southwestern Montana, is seated deep in a mountain valley bordered by the jeweled Sapphire Mountains on the east and the majestic Bitterroot Mountains to the west. This rural county is sparsely populated with 40,212 citizens working in the high mountain west in an economy based around the agriculture, timber, …

Case Study

Cascade County Treatment Courts Address Alcohol Offenses With Compassion and Technology

Program History In the plains of north-central Montana, the Missouri and Sun Rivers converge at the city of Great Falls, the county seat of Cascade County. It’s here in the heart of Big Sky Country that District Judge Gregory G. Pinski is addressing serious and unique needs within his community created by drug and alcohol …

Program: DUI/DWI, Probation
Case Study

California DUI Court Uses Technology to Lower Repeat Drunk Driving

San Joaquin County, CA — Located just east of the San Francisco Bay area in California’s Central Valley, San Joaquin County has approximately 726,000 residents. The area is known as one of the most agriculturally rich areas in California and produces a wide variety of crops, from asparagus to wine grapes. Alcohol-involved crashes and drunk …