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SCRAM CAM Hardcore Drunk Driver Technology

Tackling Repeat Alcohol Offenses with Technology-Driven Programs

Repeat and hardcore drunk drivers account for the most serious alcohol-related crimes and pose a significant threat to their communities. But innovative, criteria-based programs utilizing alcohol monitoring technology can help reduce the danger caused by these types of alcohol clients and put them on the path to sobriety.

The Dangers of Repeat Alcohol Offenses

While two-thirds of those arrested for a DUI/DWI will commit only one offense, the remaining one-third will eventually reoffend. The chance of a drunk driver being involved in a vehicle crash also increases with each offense—36% for second-time offenses and 51% for third-time offenses.

Hardcore drunk drivers are repeat clients that are alcohol-dependent and drink and drive frequently. In fact, they are 380 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash and contribute to 58% of all alcohol-related fatalities. With a higher chance of recidivism, hardcore drunk drivers require intensive interventions to produce true behavior change.

Innovative Initiatives Help Curb Repeat Drunk Driving

In response to the dangers that repeat and hardcore drunk drivers pose to their communities, jurisdictions across the country have created technology-driven programs to combat repeat alcohol-involved crime. By combining clear supervision criteria, swift and certain sanctions, and alcohol monitoring technology, repeat alcohol offense programs enforce client compliance and accountability while supporting their sobriety.

With these innovative initiatives and the collaboration between law enforcement, specialty courts, probation and parole, and more, repeat alcohol offense programs have been successful in producing better outcomes and long-term behavior change in repeat alcohol clients.

Alcohol Monitoring Programs in Action

Courts and jurisdictions across the country are integrating criteria-based approaches and alcohol monitoring technologies into their programs with great success. We have compiled statistics, infographics, resources, and detailed case studies of some of these repeat alcohol offense programs in our e-book, Reducing the Danger: How Technology and Criteria-Based Programs Tackle Repeat Alcohol Offenses.

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