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Integrating Alcohol Monitoring Technology into Probation Programs

The number of people on probation continues to decline, indicating the country’s shifting approach towards community corrections over incarceration. However, as recently as 2016 almost 3.7 million people were on probation, reinforcing that innovative, technology-driven programs are needed to help reduce criminal recidivism and achieve better outcomes for probationers.

The Impact of Alcohol

Alcohol misuse, abuse, and addiction are common among probation populations. In fact, the Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that 46% of probationers reported being under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of their offense. Additionally, 14% of all probationers are under supervision for a DUI/DWI—further demonstrating the impact of alcohol on probation populations.

Transforming Probation

Because of the prominent role alcohol plays in these types of offenses, probation departments are shifting focus from punishment to a more holistic approach that addresses the needs of justice-involved individuals and their communities.

By developing alternatives to incarceration and creating individualized supervision plans for the continuum of low- and high-risk alcohol clients, probation departments are emphasizing results-oriented supervision. And, with the implementation of evidence-based practices, probation departments are improving public safety by increasing access to substance abuse assessment, education, and treatment.

Stories of Success

Probation programs across the country are developing tactics and leveraging technology to keep alcohol-involved probationers accountable while successfully reducing recidivism. Full of statistics, infographics, resources, case studies, and more, our e-book, Transforming Probation: Innovative Alcohol Monitoring Programs That Increase Accountability, is a real-life look at programs across the country that are tackling the issue of alcohol in probation populations.

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