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Harness the Power of Data with SCRAM Optix™ Analytics

How can community corrections departments and supervision agencies truly know if their electronic monitoring programs are producing positive results? Without detailed data and reporting, officers and supervisors may not be aware of client and program performance and may be making decisions “in the dark”.

Effective data analysis is the key to making insightful decisions and ensuring program and officer efficiency. SCRAM Optix™ Analytics provides dynamic reporting so users can visualize program activity and performance statistics, reveal trends and opportunities, and identify areas for growth or improvement across the full suite of SCRAM Systems electronic monitoring technologies.

Making Informed Decisions with Data

Powered by Microsoft® PowerBI®, SCRAM Optix offers a variety of dynamic, interactive analytic reports that can help community corrections departments and agencies gain a deeper look into various aspects of their program effectiveness. These reports have a variety of filtering options, so officers can break down data based on a number of program criteria to determine performance across all caseloads.

Dynamic and Interactive Reports

Reports such as Monitoring and Compliance, Inventory, GPS Compliance, and more, give corrections departments and agencies access to powerful data so they can better analyze how all facets of their supervision programs are doing, so they can make adjustments to help clients succeed.

Monitoring and Compliance Report

The Monitoring and Compliance Report is designed to help optimize an electronic monitoring program by providing detailed data on the types of clients being monitored, types of alerts being generated, the referring authorities, and client compliance success.

Officers can use this information to evaluate the efficiency of program and business operations and identify areas of improvement. This report also provides thorough insights on how clients are complying with the terms of their electronic monitoring supervision.

SCRAM Optix Monitoring and Compliance Report

Inventory Report

The Optix Analytics Inventory Report enables officers to review the inventory status and total utilization of a program’s equipment, including current inventory, current RMA, inventory detail and trends over time, and other device specifics.

This resource can help users make informed decisions about how best to distribute electronic monitoring devices across program locations. The report also provides insight into how much of the device inventory is truly being used over time, helping to further promote inventory efficiency.

SCRAM Optix Inventory Report

GPS Compliance Reports

The GPS Compliance Reports provide information on client demographics, compliance percentage, the amount and types of alerts that are being generated for a specific location or agency, and the average amount of days clients are on the program before the first alert is generated.

Each report can be filtered so the desired information can be pinpointed, allowing officers to dive deeper into the most critical data and give unprecedented insights into GPS program performance and client outcomes.

SCRAM Optix GPS Report

With the powerful and dynamic Optix Analytics reports, community corrections departments and supervision agencies can harness the power of information and make informed decisions to improve their electronic monitoring programs and ultimately support client success.

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