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Do SCRAM CAM® Bracelets Have GPS?

Many clients in DUI programs across the country are ordered to wear the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® (SCRAM CAM®) bracelet as part of their monitoring regimen. In some cases, officers may want to know a client’s location in addition to their alcohol monitoring. While the SCRAM CAM bracelet does not have built-in GPS, SCRAM Systems offers other solutions that can be used in tandem with or in lieu of a continuous alcohol monitoring bracelet.

SCRAM TouchPoint for Low- to Medium-Risk Alcohol Clients

For low- and medium-risk alcohol clients, the SCRAM TouchPoint® Mobile Smartphone App is a convenient way to stay in contact with clients and can be used in conjunction with SCRAM CAM. With SCRAM TouchPoint’s mobile check-in feature, a GPS point is generated for every scheduled or on-demand check-in, so supervision officers can observe and confirm a client’s location.

With Touchpoint’s secure real-time messaging, officers can easily communicate with clients using text-like messaging, saving time on client interactions. And, electronic monitoring reminders help SCRAM CAM clients stay on top of their monitoring by automatically sending push notifications to alert them to take action, such as connecting to a base station.

SCRAM CAM and SCRAM GPS for High-Risk and Repeat Alcohol Clients

If you have high-risk or repeat alcohol clients in your monitoring program, an option to cover both continuous alcohol monitoring and location monitoring is to utilize both SCRAM CAM and SCRAM GPS®. The SCRAM GPS bracelet constantly monitors a client’s location and is fully integrated with the SCRAM suite of monitoring solutions—consolidated on one single platform. This means officers will not only have access to a client’s CAM data, but also SCRAM GPS Analytics and Google Street View mapping, which helps simplify location tracking and puts the client’s movement into context.

Whether you work with high- or low-risk clients, SCRAM Systems offers solutions for the spectrum of alcohol clients.

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