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SCRAM GPS Analytics: Streamlining Your Caseload

Product: SCRAM GPS

With the average GPS client generating almost 1,500 location points a day, it can be time consuming to sift through the data, making it difficult for officers to pinpoint issues they need to address with their clients. But SCRAM GPS® Analytics and On-Demand Pursuit Mode make it easy for officers to simplify large amounts of data and quickly find and follow a client’s movements.

GPS Analytics

Putting Client Movements into Context

Typically, officers have to review hundreds, even thousands of overlapping location data points in order to identify a GPS client’s movement patterns. In just a three-week span, that can add up to 60,000 points, creating an arduous task for officers to analyze just one client’s whereabouts.

But SCRAM GPS Analytics helps put client movements into context, streamlining the review process. By automatically grouping points together and plotting them quickly, officers are able to see a snapshot of client travel patterns within seconds. Not only are officers able to playback travel routes, but they can also view up to a month’s worth of tracking data at once to identify where a client stopped, for how long, and how often.

With SCRAM GPS Analytics, officers can quickly identify concerning behavior patterns and determine if two or more clients have visited the same place at the same or different times. And, because GPS Analytics is integrated with Google Maps™, there are a variety of map view options to help orient the data.

Pursuit Mode

Increase Plotting With a Single Click

In addition to robust analytics and Google Maps integrated with the monitoring software, SCRAM GPS can also actively track a client with on-demand Pursuit Mode.

Should agents or officers need to apprehend clients that are on the move, they can increase GPS transmission rates with a single click, activating Pursuit Mode. This feature automatically engages near real-time plots, allowing officers to quickly locate and follow client movements.

SCRAM GPS has the features you need to help you supervise and track your high-risk location monitoring clients. Learn more and request a SCRAM GPS demo.

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