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Drunk & Impaired Driving

1 Million DUI Arrests Each Year and Counting

Despite significant progress over the past few decades, drunk driving continues to wreak havoc in the lives of victims and to pose serious public safety issues for communities. Reducing drunk driving requires the combined efforts of courts, agencies, special interests, and lawmakers, and the creation of innovative programs to tackle the issue.

Technology-driven alcohol monitoring has been a key factor in many of the country’s most successful anti-DUI programs because it enables officials to effectively supervise DUI offenders out in the community.

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring and SCRAM Remote Breath are helping DUI programs assess offenders, enforce accountability and compliance, and address the root cause of drunk driving: alcohol misuse, abuse, and addiction.

DUI & DWI Courts

SCRAM’s Continuous Alcohol Monitoring protocol was officially recognized in 2010 by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals as a viable technology for monitoring offenders in both Drug and DWI Courts. And increased supervision and monitoring is one of the Guiding Principles for the DWI Court model.

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SCRAM CAM Programs

Compliance, Accountability, and Assessment

Repeat drunk drivers pose serious risks to the community and are a burden on the resources of law enforcement, courts, and community corrections. SCRAM CAM is the only alcohol monitoring technology proven to support long-term behavior change in hardcore DUI and alcohol offenders. That’s why programs around the country are using SCRAM CAM to increase offender compliance, support clients’ sobriety, and drive better program outcomes.


24/7 Sobriety Programs

24/7 Sobriety Programs address repeat drunk driving and other alcohol-related offenses by separating participants from the root cause of their crimes: alcohol. Frequent and regular alcohol testing is at the core of the 24/7 Program model. Every single DUI offender is supervised for alcohol consumption with alcohol monitoring technology like SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring and SCRAM Remote Breath.

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Repeat Alcohol Offender Programs

Repeat Alcohol Offender Programs are innovative, local initiatives that are based on clear criteria, the use of continuous alcohol monitoring technology, and the collaborative efforts of law enforcement, judges, specialty courts, and probation/parole to curb alcohol-involved recidivism. These programs are tackling a variety of serious criminal behaviors, including repeat DUIs and domestic violence.

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Drunk & Impaired Driving Statistics

  • 14% of probationers each year are supervised for a DWI offense
  • There are 1 million new DWI arrests each year in the U.S.
  • DUI/DWI is the third most common offense in the U.S., behind drug offenses and theft
  • 71% of alcohol-involved traffic fatalities involve a driver with a BAC greater than .15
  • 1/3 of convicted DWI offenders in community corrections are repeat offenders; 2/3 of those in jail or prison are repeat offenders
SCRAM Program Statistics

Sobering Up Blog

Drunk Driving Deaths Dipped in 2017. But That’s Not the Whole Story.

In 2017, 10,874 people lost their lives in drunk driving crashes, according to recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Based on the reported numbers, alcohol-impaired driving deaths dropped 1.1% from 2016.

SCRAM in the News

Alcohol-sensing ankle monitors the latest tool against repeat DUI incidents in Lake County

With nearly 1,800 DUI arrests in 2016, Lake County has the one of the highest rates of drunk driving in Illinois. A new alcohol monitoring program is designed to keep repeat offenders sober, 24-hours a day.

Client Voices

SCRAM CAM Testimonial

Hear Ron talk about his struggles with alcohol and how SCRAM CAM helped get his life back on track.