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Introducing SCRAM TouchPoint®: Connecting Officers and Clients for Improved Outcomes

SCRAM Systems, the world’s leading provider of electronic monitoring and dynamic software solutions for the justice system, announces SCRAM TouchPoint®, a mobile app enabling officers to effectively manage pretrial, probation, and parole clients with streamlined communications and efficient supervision.

Communicate With Clients in Real-Time with Text-Like Messaging

Officers can quickly and efficiently send messages directly to individual clients using the SCRAM TouchPoint app.

  • Text-like messages support effective two-way responses between officers and clients
  • Read receipts ensure clients have opened and viewed messages
  • Stored and printable transcripts document all interactions and make it easy to manage client communications across workloads and caseloads
SCRAM TouchPoint Messaging Dashboard

Automatically Send Clients Routine Electronic Monitoring Reminders

When TouchPoint is used in conjunction with electronic monitoring, officers can save up to 45 minutes/client/month with automated reminders. Less time spent on routine follow-ups allows officers to focus on the tasks and alerts that matter the most.

  • Prompt clients to take action on common electronic monitoring tasks with push notifications
  • Help clients meet their supervision requirements with automated reminders on upcoming appointments and obligations
SCRAM TouchPoint Reminders

Schedule or Request Client Check-Ins

Check-ins with GPS location pinpointing can improve client success while increasing efficiency and reducing officer workload.

  • Send scheduled or on-demand check-ins directly to the client’s smartphone
  • Receive a GPS point and client photo with each check-in for additional insights
  • Configure check-in questions and review client responses to inform any necessary actions
SRAM TouchPoint Check-in Dashboard

Schedule and Remind Clients About Appointments

Available with SCRAM Nexus®, scheduling enables officers and treatment providers to efficiently schedule appointments for each client on their caseload.

  • Clients receive a confirmation when an appointment is scheduled. An automated reminder is sent 24 hours before the appointment, and again 2 hours prior.
  • Officers receive real-time updates on appointment attendance and can immediately assign evidence-based practices (EBP) and policy-based incentives or sanctions as a result of client actions.
  • Single login access to all of a client’s information in one location provides officers a comprehensive view of the client’s scheduling and messaging activities from within Nexus.
SCRAM TouchPoint Client Schedule

SCRAM TouchPoint is available for use as a standalone tool for community supervision, in conjunction with existing SCRAM electronic monitoring caseloads, or with SCRAM software such as SCRAM Nexus and SCRAM 24/7.

Learn more about SCRAM TouchPoint and schedule a demo today.

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