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SCRAM CAM Helps Britain’s BBC Uncover the Truth About Alcohol

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SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring played a starring role in “The Truth About Alcohol,” a one-hour BBC show that aired last month.

In January, the UK issued a warning that any amount of drinking increases the risk of cancer. The warning accompanied new guidelines that encourage drinkers to limit their consumption to the equivalent of about 6 to 7 pints of beer per week.

As part of the country’s conversation about the new warning and guidelines, “The Truth About Alcohol” provides an upbeat but scientifically-informed look at how alcohol impacts different parts of the body.

The show’s host, an emergency-room doctor, wore SCRAM CAM for a week to understand how his drinking stacked up against the UK’s new recommendations. The result: even though the host didn’t consider himself a heavy drinker, his alcohol intake over the week greatly exceeded the new guidelines. And seeing his readings from the bracelet in black and white helped illustrate how difficult it can be for people to correctly track just how much alcohol they’ve actually consumed.

Watch “The Truth About Alcohol” below.

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Amit Sethi has more than 18 years’ experience working within the criminal justice sector and is now the Head of European Operations for SCRAM Systems. His previous positions include Senior Probation Prosecutor at the National Probation Service and Programme Manager at the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime. He holds a degree in Law with Accountancy (BA Hons), completed the Legal Practice Course at the College of Law (London), and has received qualifications in project management.