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From Pretrial through Probation, Ravalli County Jail Diversion Program is Reducing Recidivism and Creating Community

With a 93% compliance rate for those monitored with SCRAM Remote Breath® and 63 SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® (SCRAM CAM®) bracelets assigned in 2018, the Ravalli County, Montana, Jail Diversion program is helping clients successfully complete their sentences within a model alcohol and electronic monitoring program.

The Ravalli County Jail Diversion Program began pretrial and probation monitoring of clients in 2018 in an effort to lower drinking and driving statistics in a state with an occurrence of DUIs that is 1.68 times the national average, with aggravated and violent crime present in a high percentage of offenses.

Comprehensive Monitoring in a Growing Program

Incorporating state-of-the-art electronic monitoring technology is a key part of the Ravalli County Diversion Program. Pretrial participants in the county are court-ordered by district judges into monitoring programs while the Diversion Program determines monitoring for lower court sentences, where most clients are placed on alcohol monitoring for one to two years. The program has implemented SCRAM CAM, SCRAM Remote Breath, and SCRAM GPS in conjunction with a 24/7 sobriety program.

Ravalli County, with a low staff to client ratio also utilizes tailored monitoring services for extra support in tracking their monitored clients. SCRAM Systems Customer Service offers after-hours support and live phone calls to Diversion Program clients. These services, along with messaging services for non-emergency actions like charging and maintenance alerts, are essential to the new program’s success.

Working With the Community

Building a supportive community has been an important component of the Diversion program’s success. Still in its infancy, this program has lowered recidivism rates and increased community partnerships.

The Ravalli County Jail Diversion Program has monitored 8100 days of program participation with an 85.7% compliance rate. This success has increased partnerships with treatment providers and community organizations, with a larger community holding clients accountable and preparing them for re-entry when their sentences are complete.

Read the full case study to learn more about alcohol and electronic monitoring in Ravalli County.

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