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PAS International Systems—Innovative Testing Technology for Any Situation

SCRAM Systems is proud to offer the PAS Systems International suite of products. With a range of alcohol testing, passive alcohol sensors, drug screening, and more, PAS offers a wide range of testing options. PAS focuses on innovative technology that makes drug and alcohol screening easy and affordable for law enforcement, workplace testing, schools, and community corrections.

A Suite of Solutions for Any Situation

The PAS Systems International suite of products includes a variety of solutions for almost any situation, including:

  • Alcohol detection and testing
  • Passive alcohol sensors
  • Drug detection and screening
  • Entry screening

Alcohol Detection, Testing, and Passive Alcohol Sensors

With a wide range of alcohol testing and detection devices, customers can be sure that they are getting the most accurate results possible. The Alcovisor® Evidential Breath Tester provides fast and accurate breath alcohol test results and is the easiest-to-operate DOT/NHTSA-certified device on the market. With several model options, customers can choose the best solution to fit their needs.

Additionally, PAS offers several models of passive alcohol sensors that can detect even low levels of alcohol by drawing in passive air. This means that professionals such as doctors, nurses, and bus drivers can be easily tested for alcohol consumption, helping to keep communities and staff safe.

Drug Detection and Screening

The PAS drug screening solutions are accurate and easy to use.

For example, the AquilaScan® oral fluid drug screener makes reliable, mobile drug testing quick and convenient and provides immediate results for DUI-D investigations. The integrated data management system helps eliminate possible sources of human error, ensuring proper chain of custody, and screens for many commonly abused drugs.

Entry Screening

In a world where safety precautions have increased due to the global pandemic, PAS offers the Entry Point Screen Device (EPSD), a contactless temperature screening with additional access control. Designed to stand alone or be used with existing access control measures, the EPSD provides an accurate and rapid way to screen employees and visitors in almost any industry for elevated body temperature, mask detection, and facial recognition.

This solution makes it easy for businesses to manage entry or access for employees and visitors alike for any health regulations they set forth.

Easy and Affordable Testing for Any Industry

The PAS Systems International suite of products and solutions provides easy and affordable testing for the following industries:

  • Community Corrections/Community Programs
  • Courts
  • Law Enforcement
  • Workplace
  • Schools
  • Medical

Whether it’s temperature entry screening, drug testing, or passive alcohol monitoring for bus drivers, doctors, staff, or offenders, PAS offers a screening solution for almost any situation.

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