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Mobile Breath Alcohol Testing That is Truly Mobile

The concept behind portable breath alcohol testing devices is simple: provide a way for lower-risk clients to take their tests any time, anywhere. However, until now, portable breath testing devices have depended on cellular service for testing and to remind clients when to test. That’s fine, some of the time. But when clients are out of cell range most devices can’t record test results. So clients may be missing tests, or consuming alcohol, or circumventing their testing. And no one will ever know.

STORE & FORWARD From SCRAM Remote Breath

As the only mobile testing device on the market with STORE & FORWARD, SCRAM Remote Breath ensures that you see all test results, no matter where your clients go. Remote Breath is built on the AT&T network, the best data network in the country. But for those times when cell service isn’t available—whether it’s at a cabin by the lake, in a parking garage, or on an airplane—SCRAM Remote Breath can record and save up to 48,000 tests and forwards the results automatically when service is reacquired. So no matter where clients are, Remote Breath ensures supervising agencies receive ALL test data.

Integrated Test Times, Schedules, and Reminders

Remote Breath also stores test schedules in the unit and prompts clients when it’s time to test, whether or not they are in cell range or even have a cell phone—making it the only true one-piece unit on the market. As an extra reminder, agencies can also choose to set up reminders through SCRAM Optix to send a text to a client’s phone.

Finally, mobile breath alcohol testing is truly mobile.

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