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Empowering Clients to Regain Their Freedom to Drive

The focus of any court-mandated ignition interlock program is to keep participants, their families, and their communities safe. Statistics show that having an ignition interlock device (IID) installed in a vehicle greatly reduces the rate of alcohol-related crashes and fatalities. Successful mandated and voluntary program completion also promotes client recovery.

Client success is largely tied to the technology and service elements of ignition interlock providers. Service providers who truly care about the success of their clients ultimately help achieve the goal of supporting a high level of interlock program success.

Expanding Alcohol Monitoring Options

By offering a range of alcohol monitoring options, community corrections departments can more easily tailor supervision to the risk- and need-levels of clients, ultimately providing better outcomes and supporting client rehabilitation.

When choosing to add ignition interlock devices to an alcohol monitoring program, corrections departments should consider the following:

  • Technology that is best-in-class and has received industry certifications for accuracy and reliability—so officers and clients know they are using a dependable device
  • Devices that will fit a client’s unique lifestyle—a small, discreet size that is easy to use so successful testing becomes second nature
  • Exceptional guidance from the Customer Support Team and the Authorized Service Centers that will support clients through their IID program
  • Online resources that are available anytime, anywhere

With this kind of support, clients can complete their IID program with less stress and more confidence.

The Most Reliable Ignition Interlock Option

LifeSafer® ignition interlock devices are not only a reliable and dependable alcohol testing option but also offered at over 1,200 locations nationwide—making it easy for corrections departments to refer IID clients to a service location.

And, LifeSafer Authorized Service Centers work with customers and professionals in the field to fulfill all of these service provider requirements in order to promote public safety and support the personal empowerment of each client.

Partnering with LifeSafer helped us provide much needed portable alcohol testing and monitoring. The team provided outstanding support to help us get started and our clients have found the [IIDs] to be accurate, reliable, and affordable.

– LifeSafer Referral Partner

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