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[Case Study] Alcohol Monitoring Offers Jail Alternative in Caddo Parish, Louisiana

Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the U.S. As a result, jail overcrowding has become a serious issue throughout the state, burdening local court systems and communities. But one parish is offering a solution—utilizing SCRAM Systems’ state-of-the-art alcohol monitoring technologies to focus on comprehensive rehabilitation as part of a pretrial diversion program.

The Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Pretrial Diversion Program, created by District Attorney James E. Stewart and Chief Deputy District Attorney Wilbert Pryor, incorporates both SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® (SCRAM CAM®) and SCRAM Remote Breath® as part of the defendant’s rehabilitative process.

The program is working. Close to 90% of clients successfully complete the program. Over the past year, participants have experienced more than 8,840 Sober Days and almost 87% of participants monitored by SCRAM CAM had zero violations.

SCRAM CAM and SCRAM Remote Breath have provided the parish with a level of accountability it had not experienced before. And now, many of the program’s participants are addressing their substance abuse issues, knowing they are being held to a high standard. The consequences of criminal record can be severe, but the Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Pretrial Diversion Program is giving defendants a second chance to show they are truly remorseful, while still holding them accountable for their offense.

Read the entire case study to learn more about this innovative program: Alcohol Monitoring Supports Caddo Parish’s Alternative to Incarceration

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