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Community Supervision

Communities around the country are putting increasing emphasis on community supervision over incarceration to achieve better outcomes, curtail recidivism, and reduce the staggering costs that come with jail and prison stays. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 47 states have a greater proportion of their correctional population supervised in the community than incarcerated.

Alcohol and location monitoring technologies are proven tools to enhance supervision and accountability during community supervision. The SCRAM Systems suite of alcohol and location monitoring products are helping programs around the country to streamline case management and are providing flexible OPTIONS for type and intensity of supervision to enable offenders to maintain a job and contribute to family obligations.

Pretrial Release

The pretrial system helps communities address public safety concerns and reduce jail costs for pretrial defendants, while allowing clients to maintain their employment and fulfill their family obligations. From court-mandated sobriety to curfew requirements and exclusion zones, SCRAM Systems alcohol and location monitoring tools are widely used to monitor clients’ compliance with pretrial conditions while awaiting adjudication.

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SCRAM Programs for Problem Solving Courts


Electronic monitoring of offenders on probation isn’t just a trend to save money: It’s a rapidly growing practice that balances offender accountability and public safety, and it has been proven to actually improve outcomes for those under probation supervision. SCRAM Systems provides integrated OPTIONS in alcohol and location monitoring for the ever-growing caseload of probationary offenders in the U.S.

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SCRAM Systems products are used by Departments of Corrections across the U.S in statewide parole and reentry initiatives. The ability to customize location and alcohol monitoring to fit the needs of this high-risk population makes our integrated product suite particularly valuable to parole, reentry, and DOC professionals.

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SCRAM Systems Target 25 Program for Repeat DUI Offenders

Community Supervision Statistics

  • When electronic monitoring is used on offenders, the decline in the risk of failure is 31%, compared with offenders placed in other forms of community supervision
  • 1.3 million offenders each year are convicted for crimes committed while under the influence of alcohol, but did not involve the operation of a vehicle
  • 1 in every 52 Americans is under community corrections supervision
  • The cost of imprisonment is six times higher than the cost of electronic monitoring
SCRAM Program Statistics

Sobering Up Blog

Alcohol Abuse: The Biggest Addiction Problem In New Hampshire

America is currently in the grip of an addiction crisis—the opioid epidemic. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH), over 64,000 people died from drug overdoses in 2016, more than the number of Americans killed during the entirety of the Vietnam War. While the devastating effects of opioid addiction have been well-publicized in recent years, many states continue to designate alcohol abuse as their priority.

SCRAM in the News

96% of DUI offenders wearing SCRAM device remained sober last year in Lancaster County

In 2017, 745 people on bail conditions or probation/parole in Lancaster County wore a SCRAM device under the county’s DUI repeat offender program.

Client Voices

SCRAM CAM Testimonial

Hear Ron talk about his struggles with alcohol and how SCRAM CAM helped get his life back on track.