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Client Voices

Time and again, research has shown that SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring supports long-term behavior change in alcohol-involved clients. And that body of research comes to life in the real-world stories from some of our clients.


Dennis' Story

Hear Dennis talk about his struggles with alcohol and how SCRAM CAM helped him get his life back on track.



Dawn's Story

With 3 DUIs in 10 years, Dawn explains her alcohol troubled past and how her experience on SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring has changed her life for the better.



Ron's Story

In this video, Ron provides an emotional account of his alcohol addiction and how his experience on SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring changed his life for the better.


Exit Survey

Since 2009, SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring clients have had the option to complete a Participant Exit Survey at the completion of their time in the program. As of December 31, 2017, 22,207 SCRAM CAM clients had completed the survey. All survey results are completely confidential and anonymous.

The intent is to compile data to help us better evaluate the impact of SCRAM CAM programs and better understand the perspectives of program participants. The surveys also give clients an opportunity to provide an honest comment about their experience while wearing the device. 

  • 85% report SCRAM CAM helped deter drinking
  • 81% worked and/or attended school while on SCRAM CAM
  • 66% felt the bracelet was easy to wear during daily activities
  • 60% were in treatment while on SCRAM CAM
  • 63% were able to make payments to court-related fees and fines
  • On average, participants reported spending $13.32 per day on alcohol before they were monitored by SCRAM CAM

Updated January 2018

SCRAM CAM ClientsExit Survey

The Voices of SCRAM CAM Clients

“This program helped me stay sober and connect with  my daughter again.”

“I'd be homeless if I didn't have this on.  My family would not have gave me a chance without this.  This is the counselor telling you not to do it.”

“This is a great program. I would use this program for much longer if it was free of charge. I have been a drinker for over 30 years and this is the longest I have been sober in quite some time. I am going to continue to remain sober after this experience.”

“Thank you SCRAM, you changed my life”

“I could enjoy myself without having to drink. I always thought I had to drink to have a good time.”

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Client Voices

SCRAM CAM Testimonial

Hear Ron talk about his struggles with alcohol and how SCRAM CAM helped get his life back on track.