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SCRAM Nexus®
for Treatment Courts

Decision support software for treatment court professionals.

Treatment court professionals work tirelessly to guide clients on the road to recovery and break the cycle of addiction. But limited time, resources, and a lack of integrated technology often add to the challenge of properly incorporating evidence-based practices (EBP) to existing programs. With SCRAM Nexus®, treatment courts can finally have the tools they need to implement, monitor, and evaluate EBP policies and practices in real-time, while enhancing client outcomes.

Nexus gives treatment courts the tools they need to implement EBP principles, improve community safety, and enhance client outcomes.

See how SCRAM Nexus supports treatment courts.

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Nexus helps lighten administrative duties and save time for treatment court professionals by:

  • Compiling all client information, performance metrics, treatment notes, and more into one, easy-to-use platform, so all data is accessible in one place
  • Automatically creating supervision plans with clear advancement criteria based on program models, making tracking progress and moving clients through phases easier
  • Sending upcoming appointment reminders via the SCRAM TouchPoint® app, which may reduce client no-shows
  • Providing powerful and dynamic analytics and metrics so leaders can make data-driven decisions
The client dashboard makes it easy for officers to view client data and information, including a client summary, case planning, and metrics.

Nexus makes it easier for us to treat complicated cases while giving us real insight into the performance of community treatment providers. This revolutionary platform will save our county vital funding dollars, and ultimately help us achieve our goals in ways no other tool can.”

Judge Michael J. Barrasse, Lackawanna County, PA,
and Immediate Past Chairman of the NADCP Board of Directors

Explore Essential Features for Treatment Courts

Automated Client Onboarding

Compiles client data to automatically assign policy- and evidence-based supervision plans with clear advancement criteria

Promptly connects clients to the services they need with automated internal and external service provider referrals

Integrates with existing court and case management systems, drug testing, and more

Client data synthesis icon

Data Compilation & Synthesis

Synthesizes client data into meaningful insights, lightening administrative duties and saving time

All client data and metrics are accessible from one location, removing the need for disparate case management systems

Provider portal facilitates seamless communication between officers and external treatment providers, automating client activity data back to Nexus in real-time

Client response recommendation icon

Response Recommendation

Recommends the proper magnitude of incentives and sanctions based on a client’s risk and need, departmental policy, and more

Supports proximal and distal client behavior goals with the ability to create and manage custom responses, further supporting EBP best practices

Client engagement app icon

Client Engagement Mobile App

Mobile check-ins and secure, text-like messaging via the TouchPoint app provides a modern method to stay engaged with clients

Automated reminders for upcoming appointments and notifications for common electronic monitoring tasks help increase client compliance and reduce technical violations

Client analytics icon

Reporting & Analytics

Rich reporting and interactive analytics offer remarkable insight into client behavior, treatment effectiveness, and program performance

Detailed metrics offer visibility into if team responses vary across a client’s race/ethnicity/gender/age and more

Court staffing report provides a collaborative summary between treatment counselors, officers, and other members in a client’s recovery, documenting a client’s progress

See how SCRAM Nexus supports treatment courts.

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