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States Look to Continuous Alcohol Monitoring to Fight Alcohol-Related Crime

Two states are considering bills to address drunk driving and other alcohol-involved offenses by making it easier for courts and law enforcement agencies to require individuals to wear Continuous Alcohol Monitoring bracelets.

Amelia’s Law Receives Unanimous Support in Tennessee House

Tennessee judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement agencies may soon be able to require those with a history of alcohol abuse to wear a transdermal alcohol monitoring bracelet.

Amelia’s Law” gives courts and the state Parole Board more authority to require individuals who were intoxicated at the time of their crime to comply with Continuous Alcohol Monitoring as a condition of pre- or post-trial release.

The law was named after Amelia Keown, a high school student who was killed in 2012 when an impaired driver hit her car in a head-on collision. The driver, who was also killed, had an extensive record of criminal felonies.

After an amendment to rename it in Amelia’s honor, the bill unanimously passed the state’s House at the end of February and is awaiting final approval in the Senate.

Kentucky House Approves CAM Bill 99-0

Next door, the Kentucky House unanimously approved HB 359 in early March. Under this bill, courts can now create a new condition of pretrial release that requires defendants in alcohol-involved crimes to undergo Continuous Alcohol Monitoring. The bill also amends current statutes to make transdermal monitoring an option for probation or conditional release, pretrial diversion programs, and domestic violence protection orders.

HB 359 has been forwarded for the Kentucky Senate’s consideration. Lawmakers expect that this law will give courts and agencies better choices and options for managing hardcore drunk drivers and other individuals who commit serious alcohol-involved crimes.

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