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Simplify Case Management with SCRAM Nexus®

Product: SCRAM Nexus

Consolidate Client Information and Streamline Workflows using Technology

Community corrections officers commonly have caseloads of anywhere from 50 to several hundred clients at a time. With caseloads of that size, individually managing clients and tracking their progress can seem insurmountable.

But SCRAM Nexus automates the case management process and improves officer efficiency, saving valuable time and resources that can be spent on the most important tasks.

Easily Manage Caseloads

Workload studies have found that officers spend between 33–50% of their time on administrative duties, including keeping client files up to date and tracking down information from various sources and entering it into case management systems. They then must keep an impossible number of variables in mind when deciding suitable responses based on a client’s performance and determining which services to deliver at any given time. Because of this, low- and high-risk clients are often placed in one-size-fits-all programs and given the same treatment, which can negatively affect their success and increase recidivism.

Nexus streamlines the case management process by synthesizing client data (like demographics, criminal history, program progress, and more) and automatically provides recommendations for the proper magnitude of incentives, sanctions, and program adjustments.

The client dashboard makes it easy for officers to view client data and information, including a client summary, case planning, and metrics.

Data and Communication in One Place

It’s important that external service providers—such as counselors, electronic monitoring providers, and drug labs—are on the same page when it comes to a client’s treatment and success. However, critical information that providers need, like attendance at counseling sessions, alcohol or location monitoring compliance data, and drug test results, is oftentimes scattered across different case management systems and databases, making it difficult for each provider to stay up to date on a client’s progress.

SCRAM Nexus integrates with external sources to synthesize real-time client data

Nexus provides a constant feedback loop of information. All service providers involved in a case have access to all relevant information about their clients, all in one place. Automated prompts request timely information from service providers, compile it, and present it in an easily digestible format via officer dashboards. With this data at service providers’ fingertips, it’s easier than ever for officers to track and manage client progress and success.

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