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Securely Manage and Share Important Documents Using SCRAM TouchPoint®

As more jurisdictions shift towards community supervision in lieu of incarceration, new technologies are emerging to streamline and support pretrial, probation, and parole departments, treatment courts, and electronic monitoring agencies. And with stay-at-home and safety orders during the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for technology in community corrections has never been higher.

The SCRAM TouchPoint® client engagement mobile app’s document management feature provides a safe and secure way for clients and officers to digitally send and receive important paperwork, thus increasing officer efficiency while removing the need for in-person contact

Save Time with Digital Document Management

When officers need to see important documents from clients, such as their driver’s license or work schedule, clients would normally have to deliver these in person. But the TouchPoint app allows clients to upload a photo to the app and securely share documents with their officer. This eliminates the need for clients to travel for office visits just to deliver paperwork and reduces the time that clients of various risk levels co-mingle in waiting areas, potentially making low-risk clients worse.

Officers can access these documents directly from the SCRAM Optix™ Officer Dashboard, saving time from manually scanning and uploading paper documents. Officers can also send documents to clients, like electronic monitoring invoices and signed terms of supervision, making it easier for them to stay up to date on their program progress.

Resource Savings

  • Time savings of 200 minutes per client (20 client documents x 10 minutes of processing time)—weeks of officer time when expanded across entire caseloads
  • Better payment/collection returns when officers send invoices to clients
  • Clients achieve better alignment with supervision terms when submitting paperwork in a timely manner

Troubleshoot Electronic Monitoring Issues

TouchPoint’s document management feature can also be used to help troubleshoot some electronic monitoring issues via image sharing. For example, if a client’s monitoring bracelet is too tight or too loose, the officer can instruct them to take pictures and share them using the document management feature. The officer can then better diagnose the problem and set up an in-person visit if necessary.

Resource Savings

  • Reduces the amount of device troubleshooting phone calls
  • Saves time by allowing officers to remotely diagnose some device issues, help troubleshoot functionality, or identify the need for new equipment
  • Increases electronic monitoring client compliance and reduces appointment and travel time

By virtually sharing important documents—including paystubs, signed treatment participation forms, drug test results, and more—clients can better complete the terms of their supervision. Document management can also help streamline communication between officers and their clients, decreasing the need for phone calls and office visits.

To see more about document management and other TouchPoint features in action, watch the demo video below.

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