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Introducing the SCRAM Ally® Victim Notification Mobile App

For sexual assault or domestic violence victims, knowing their abuser is being tracked with a GPS bracelet may not be enough. Having the option to have more transparency into the perpetrator’s travel behaviors and GPS bracelet activities may help provide victims with added peace of mind.

That’s why we created the SCRAM Ally® Victim Notification mobile app—working in conjunction with SCRAM GPS®—to notify the victim and supervising authorities when a GPS client is in proximity to the victim’s phone.

No Additional Device Needed

With Ally, the victim is not required to carry an additional GPS device but instead installs the app directly onto their own Apple or Android smartphone. The mobile app allows location data to be sent to the SCRAM GPS server and identifies if the GPS client enters prohibited proximity zones in relation to the victim’s phone.

Ally provides reliable and accurate victim location information using GPS, Wi-Fi, and the smartphone’s location services. And with a configurable mobile zone radius, officers can determine the distance at which the victim and supervising authorities will receive a notification should the GPS client enter the area.

If the GPS client does enter the prohibited mobile zone, the victim will receive an alert via email, text, or push notification and the supervising authorities are promptly notified. Victims can also receive additional notifications regarding the GPS client’s activities, including low bracelet battery alerts, tamper attempts, or other zone violations.

Ally has a panic button that can be used to call 911 or a custom emergency number, which may help provide further peace of mind for victims.

Victim Notification + Reliable GPS Monitoring Technology

Not only will survivors of crime benefit from the Ally mobile app, but when paired with SCRAM GPS, officers can gain even more insight into GPS client behavior. The proximity display allows officers to compare client and victim locations to help put a GPS client’s movement into context. And with the SCRAM GPS bracelet’s superior location accuracy and nearly instant tamper and zone violation alerts, officers can more effectively supervise clients while enhancing community safety.

Additionally, SCRAM GPS analytics, including the new Pattern of Life mapping, takes the 1,440 location points a GPS client generates each day and distills it into clean, easy-to-view information, providing an unprecedented look into client travel behavior.

When combined with SCRAM GPS, the SCRAM Ally Victim Notification mobile app may help provide peace of mind for victims—an important step in their recovery.

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