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Connectivity Made Simple–The Wireless Base Station

The landscape of home communications continues to change. A recent study by the CDC reported that households with only mobile phones have become the majority, with 50.8% having at least one mobile phone and no landline. Additionally, over 70% of adults between the ages of 25-34 reported having only a mobile phone line.

These shifts in technology don’t just impact how we make phone calls to friends and family or how we access the Internet. Most base stations used by community corrections and electronic monitoring programs were designed over a decade ago and struggle to connect in modern homes.

No Landline? No Problem.

In keeping with this trend, SCRAM Systems found that landline usage with the SCRAM Base Station has decreased by nearly half since 2014, while usage of Ethernet connectivity has grown more than 630%.

We continue to respond to the changing connectivity needs of EM programs with the development of our new SCRAM Wireless Base Station for SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® (SCRAM CAM®) and SCRAM House Arrest®. The most modern option in base station technology incorporates Wi-Fi and cellular communications into a single device.

Connectivity Made Simple

With the touch of a button on the Wireless Base Station, officers can complete a SCRAM CAM or SCRAM House Arrest installation and set up the equipment to communicate through a cellular or Wi-Fi network. There’s also no more need to Direct Connect the bracelet or base station during installation.

Because it only requires a power cord, the Wireless Base Station can connect anywhere there is an electrical outlet, whether that is in a client’s home, place of work, or other approved location. And, with the ability to switch seamlessly to cellular should the Wi-Fi connection fail, the Wireless Base Station ensures continuity of data and communications.

Everyone Can Connect

With the addition of the Wireless Base Station, SCRAM Systems continues our record of offering the most comprehensive base station connectivity options in the corrections industry. Whether your alcohol or house arrest clients use cellular, home Internet, or a landline, your program is covered.

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