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Client Voices: How a Service Provider’s Encouragement Led to Recovery

The relationship between a client and their service provider or supervising authority can make all the difference in their recovery. Support and encouragement are often key elements for those striving for sobriety.

The relationship that Brian, of ADL Monitoring, created with his client, Danny, exemplifies how a strong and supportive connection, along with treatment, can cultivate better outcomes for those on the road to recovery.

The “Secret Sauce” to Sobriety

The road to recovery is often long and filled with detours, and for Danny, it took treatment and a few key people that believed in him to reach a sober life: SCRAM CAM®, a judge, and his SCRAM Systems Service Provider. All of these combined elements gave Danny the tools and encouragement he needed to make his way, one minute, hour, and day at a time without alcohol.

Our newest testimonial video highlights Danny’s story and the many aspects of his life that led him to court and ultimately being ordered to wear the SCRAM CAM bracelet. The support he received from his service provider throughout his monitoring period—and after he completed his program—was integral to his success.

Listen to Danny’s powerful story of how the SCRAM CAM bracelet, along with Brian’s support, led him to a happy and sober life.

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