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[Case Study] CAM and Remote Breath Help Lower Repeat Drunk Driving in San Joaquin County, California

With the help of SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® (SCRAM CAM®), SCRAM Remote Breath®, and a variety of other alcohol monitoring technologies, the San Joaquin DUI Monitoring Court (SJDMC) has reduced annual DUI arrests by 66% since 2008.

Prior to 2008, San Joaquin County had one of the highest rates of DUI recidivism in California. Recognizing that placing DUI clients on probation with little follow-up on their progress was not solving the problem, the county launched the SJDMC.

Getting Alcohol Clients Back on Track

The SJDMC is unique in that clients are assigned to one of two treatment tracks based on the DUI-RANT™ Assessment, with the ability for clients to step-up or step-down from their assigned track depending on their compliance and progress in the program.

The majority of participants are placed in Track 1, or the Accountability Track, and are required to complete regular court visits and adhere to alcohol monitoring such as portable breath testing or an ignition interlock device. Participants in Track 2, or the Treatment Track, are often placed in in-patient or out-patient treatment and must submit to more intensive monitoring such as Remote Breath or CAM.

This combination of matching appropriate alcohol monitoring and treatment with each client based on their need and risk level has proven to be successful. Since 2012, the average number of participants in the program has decreased by nearly 19%, demonstrating that fewer SJDMC participants go on to reoffend. Additionally, alcohol-involved collisions in San Joaquin County have dropped by 46% since 2012, with resulting death and injuries down 36%.

The program’s success over the past decade has also inspired courts in California, Utah, and Texas to pursue funding to implement their own track-based DUI Monitoring Courts.

Read the full case study to learn more about Track-Based DUI Monitoring Court programs: California DUI Court Uses Technology to Lower Repeat Drunk Driving

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