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Evidence-Based OPTIONS in Alcohol Monitoring

No Two Alcohol Clients Are Alike. That’s Why You Need OPTIONS.

SCRAM Systems is the only technology company providing OPTIONS in alcohol monitoring to help you manage a wider range of alcohol clients and reduce risks to your community. OPTIONS support best-practices by enabling courts and agencies to:

  • Scale alcohol monitoring up or down based on a client’s needs and progress.
  • Match the right technology to each client’s risks.
  • Implement supervision that fits the severity of the offense.
  • Reduce recidivism and address escalating behaviors.


Alcohol Monitoring for Higher-Risk/Higher-Need Clients

Higher-risk/higher-need alcohol clients frequently abuse alcohol, or are alcohol addicted or dependent. These clients require more intensive supervision to reduce the risk of reoffense. SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring addresses the risks of these clients by eliminating testing gaps and enforcing Sober Days. Continuous Alcohol Monitoring is also the only monitoring technology that has been empirically shown to support long-term behavior change—a key to reducing recidivism.

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SCRAM Remote Breath

Alcohol Monitoring for Lower-Risk/Lower-Need Clients

Lower- and mid-level alcohol clients misuse or occasionally abuse alcohol, but they can actually experience negative outcomes when supervision isn’t proportional for their level of offense. Over-supervision and overly-harsh penalties can interfere with the client’s job and family—two important support systems that help these clients get back on track. SCRAM Remote Breath provides an appropriate way to track sobriety in offenders who pose less of a risk to the community.

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Selecting the Right Monitoring Technology for Each Client

Research shows that “one-size-fits-all” alcohol programs don’t work. Effective and cost-efficient programs tailor requirements to fit each client’s needs and risks.

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SCRAM SYSTEMS OPTIONS in Alcohol Monitoring

Two Technologies Working Together

Higher-risk clients who have long-term compliance with SCRAM CAM can be rewarded with a step down to Remote Breath. Breath testing, following CAM, provides transitional monitoring and provides continued support to keep these clients on track once they have achieved sobriety. 

In contrast, because it ensures 24/7 compliance and eliminates the need for client action, SCRAM CAM is an appropriate step-up sanction for lower-risk clients who violate breath testing with alcohol consumption or missed tests.

And because SCRAM CAM and Remote Breath are part of the SCRAM Systems Program Management Center, you’ll have one integrated system for all your monitored clients and the same 24/7 Customer Support, Product Training, Court Support, and client compliance analytics that you’ve come to expect from SCRAM Systems.

SCRAM Systems OPTIONS in Alcohol Monitoring

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96% of DUI offenders wearing SCRAM device remained sober last year in Lancaster County

In 2017, 745 people on bail conditions or probation/parole in Lancaster County wore a SCRAM device under the county’s DUI repeat offender program.

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