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A SCRAM Systems executive gives and interview about SCRAM alcohol and location monitoring technology.

SCRAM Systems
Media Room

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring


Pa. House passes bill to use technology to crack down on repeat DUI offenders

Inside of the SCRAM CAM Bracelet

Technology Review: Continuous Transdermal Alcohol Monitoring

Service Provider SCRAM CAM

Sobriety tag program launched in England

Man pouring beer in the UK

Tags for Lags

Sobriety tags launched in England for offenders committing alcohol-related crimes

Men drinking at a bar in the UK

Ministry of Justice rollout of sobriety tags in England

Ankle Tags Possible in Alcohol-Related Crimes

Community Corrections gets nod to purchase ankle monitors

New Deana’s Law bills to deal with repeat DUI offenders introduced

Pre-trial release program provides bond opportunities to Augusta inmates