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Inside of the SCRAM CAM Bracelet
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Technology Review: Continuous Transdermal Alcohol Monitoring

Media Type: Print/Online

By Mark H. Wojcik

This article provides an up-to-date overview of “continuous alcohol monitoring,” with a focus on the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® SCRAM CAM®) bracelet and technology, including the science, research, and testing. Since its introduction in 2003, the SCRAM CAM bracelet has become one of the mostly widely used tools for alcohol monitoring in corrections. It is currently used in seven countries, all fifty US states, and over 4,800 US courts and agencies. As of this writing, SCRAM CAM has been used to monitor over 790,000 unique individuals for a total of over 84,000,000 monitored days, and is being used to monitor over 23,000 unique individuals per day.

Source: The Journal of Offender Monitoring
Location: Kingston, New Jersey