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Standing Behind Our Data—SCRAM Court Support Program

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From time to time, questions about SCRAM CAM® readings or the science behind transdermal alcohol monitoring come up in court. Because of this, we offer a comprehensive court support program to ensure that courts and agencies have everything necessary to understand a confirmed drinking event or tamper.

Unlike most electronic monitoring manufacturers, SCRAM Systems backs our products and technology in court: if we confirm an alert, we stand behind it. Depending on the requirements of the technology, we will provide everything from a written report confirming the violation in question, any additional court documentation, and even expert in-person court testimony for evidentiary hearings.

Court Support at Every Level

Because SCRAM Systems supports our SCRAM CAM results at every court level, sanctions can be verified and enforced based solely on bracelet data, completely eliminating the need for any secondary screening or additional confirmation of a drinking event.

Furthermore, our data and processes have been upheld as reliable and have met Daubert, Frye, and FRE 702 and 703 standards in every state in which they have been challenged, including state appellate and supreme court-level hearings.

Some of our provided court support resources include:

  • SCRAM CAM case law
  • An electronic library of supporting literature and studies
  • Case-specific expert testimony, live or via internet conferencing tools
  • Testimony training
  • And more

At SCRAM Systems we are committed to being a trusted resource that provides the tools and training needed to support clients and drive success in alcohol monitoring programs.

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