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Gain More Insight into Client Behavior with SCRAM GPS Pattern of Life Mapping

Product: SCRAM GPS

SCRAM Systems is constantly working on new ways to monitor and analyze GPS location data. From raw GPS location points to client stop patterns, we strive to develop new methods to distill the 1,440 location points generated per client per day into quantitative data for officers.

SCRAM GPS® now has Pattern of Life (POL) mapping, designed to provide even more detail on how and where clients spend their time. With POL mapping and analytics, officers save time by gaining instant access to client travel details and no longer have to sift through thousands of data points.

The Evolution of GPS Mapping

One of the first and most common methods of tracking GPS clients included viewing raw GPS location points on a map, resulting in hundreds of clusters and single points for officers to analyze. An average GPS client will generate 1,440 data points a day, 10,080 points a week, and over 300,000 points a month, creating a mountain of data to sift through—a time-consuming and difficult process for busy officers.

To help save time, SCRAM Systems created the client stop pattern report, helping officers quickly analyze days’ or weeks’ worth of data points quickly by consolidating clusters and identifying locations that a client visited.

Continuing the evolution of location monitoring, we have developed Pattern of Life mapping which can help save officers even more time with mapping categories, in-depth travel details, location information, and more.

The Future of Location Monitoring

Pattern of Life mapping offers instant access to client travel details, providing officers with additional insights into client behavior—the most innovative and efficient way to track GPS clients. POL mapping eliminates the need to zoom in or use street or satellite views to determine where a client has been. The new features of POL mapping can help officers put client travel patterns into context and easily see deviations from a client’s normal travel behavior.

Mapping Categories put each GPS point into one of ten categories, summarizing where clients spend their time. These categories help officers quickly analyze future stops and potential diversions from a client’s typical travel pattern.

Travel Details let officers know the address, arrival and departure times, and total amount of time spent at each location a client visits.

Mapping Views give officers access to a variety of mapping options such as daily, weekly, or monthly viewing, in a familiar calendared layout.

Location Information offers further details of each GPS location point to help officers confirm accuracy and data network coverage, optimizing supervision programs.

See Pattern of Life Mapping in Action

Pattern of Life mapping is only available with SCRAM GPS—contact us today to learn more.

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