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SCRAM GPS: Better Tools, Better Job

Product: SCRAM GPS

Better matters when you’re supervising high-risk clients. That’s why SCRAM Systems focuses on developing better monitoring solutions, providing better customer support, and offering better training. SCRAM GPS continues this focus on excellence with features like on-demand Pursuit Mode, guess-free tamper technology, and the industry’s best battery life.

Better GPS Technology Makes a Difference

AJ Gigler, Director of Product Marketing at SCRAM Systems, recalls one case where SCRAM GPS helped a department successfully resolve a situation while maintaining public safety. “A detective reached out to us to tell us how GPS Analytics and Pursuit Mode helped him safely apprehend a client,” he explains. “By analyzing the client’s travel patterns, and then engaging Pursuit Mode, they were able to intersect with the client and safely bring him into custody without involving a chase or endangering public safety.”

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The SCRAM Systems blog provides news and updates about our suite of software and electronic monitoring products for criminal justice. Since 2003, SCRAM Systems has offered technologies that truly Make a Difference for clients and communities. Led by the success of our flagship SCRAM CAM product, SCRAM Systems delivers innovative software and technology solutions that are on the forefront of what courts, agencies, and treatment providers need.