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New Video Series: Introducing the Next Generation of SCRAM GPS

Product: SCRAM GPS

SCRAM Systems recently unveiled the next generation of our GPS location monitoring system. With an industry-leading strap design, the industry’s best battery life, and user-friendly software, SCRAM GPS provides the tools programs need to better manage their caseloads.

Check out this new video series to see how SCRAM GPS could make a difference in your electronic monitoring program.

Eliminating “Needle in a Haystack” Monitoring

SCRAM GPS Analytics transforms up to a month of GPS data into easy-to-view information, allowing officers to quickly make sense of client movements and spot trends or problems.

[GPS analytics video]

A 50% Reduction in Low Battery Alerts

The most common GPS alert is also one of the most concerning: low battery alerts. When low batteries turn into dead batteries, clients go unmonitored in the community. That’s why SCRAM Systems designed this generation of SCRAM GPS with the longest lasting battery in the industry.

[GPS battery video\

Tap Into the World’s Most Powerful Mapping Tool

With Google Maps and Google Info windows built into the SCRAM GPS monitoring software, officers can quickly identify a client’s exact location and put their movements into context. And on-demand Pursuit Mode automatically engages a near real-time transmission rate to aid in client apprehension.

[GPS pursuit mode video]

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